Dai Jinhao

5th Leader of the Lotus Party
In office
30 August 4337 – 15 May 4356
Preceded by
Succeeded by

17 November 4303
Political party
Yang Xiaolu
Alma Mater
Businessman, politician

Dai Jinhao (born 17 November 4303) is an Indralan businessman and politician who has served as Leader of the Lotus Party from August 4337 until May 4356. Dai Jinhao was the youngest Party Leader in the history of the Lotus Party. Dai was appointed Foreign Affairs Minister in July of 4348. During his administration, Dai signed a record number of free-trade agreements abroad.

Early Life Edit

Dai was born in Kaizhou to lower middle-class parents; his father was a dock-worker and his mother was a public-sauna attendant. Dai was incredibly estudious, and developed a strong fascination with computer technology during his time in middle-school. In highschool, Dai developed the "LetsChat!" app, the popularity of which exploded before he graduated (Dai graduated at 18 in 4321, just before the graduation date was raised to 21).[1]

Pre-political Career Edit

After completing his mandatory year of service in the Air Force in 4322, the 23-year-old billionaire attended Kaizhou National University. During his time at KNU, Dai sold the "LetsChat!" application to TQ Group for an astounding $2.7 billion INS (the application would later be renamed TiqiTalk, and is currently Indrala's most used messaging application). After Dai graduated with his Bachelor of Finance degree in 4326, he founded Dai Investments, bankrolling much of Jiaozhi's innovative tech sector. In 4330, Dai was listed as one of Indrala's richest individuals under the age of 30.

Political Career Edit

Dai has been a lifelong member of the Lotus Party, with his father having been very involved in the organized labour movement. He was inspired by fellow venture-capitalist Linda Wong's activities within the party in which she "evenly weighed the social responsibility of government with market economics."

Leader of the Lotus Party Edit

Dai was elected Leader of the Lotus Party on 30 August 4337 following his predecessor, Yi Junkai's defeat during his leadership review. He was elected on the first ballot with 50.9% of the vote.[2]

In the 4338 snap election, Dai led his party to a gain of 70 seats, a reversal from the past two elections which saw major reductions in the Lotus Party's seat share.[3]

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