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Dan Kameron was born and raised in Northchase, Ralston and attended Northchase High School. Upon graduation, Kameron attended Baltusia State University and finished with a masters degree in political science. He was twenty-four by the time he graduated university, after graduation he interned with the Liberal Democratic Party as an assistant to MP Ray Simmons. Dan made his way up the ranks of the LDP ladder which at the time was with a modest left-wing message, he had yet to develop the message he has today. Dan was eventually backed by the LDP to run for mayor of his home city of Northchase, which he won by a narrow victory 51% over Tom Callaway of the Rightist Populist Party. It was after this mayoral run that Kameron started to develop his populist beliefs after becoming friends with Callaway on the mayoral trail, he picked up Callaway's populist vitriol but wrapped it in his left-wing ideology.

Kameron became mayor of Northchase at just twenty-seven years old, which he followed with a second term. He turned Northchases economy around and instituted multiple reforms including an expansive UBI system. Dan Kameron rode this momentum to a bid as an MP for Ralston, his fervent message at this point was starting to gain traction and conservatives within the party started to feel uneasy. More conservative members of the LDP started to prop up other candidates for a run amid fears of Kameron's popularity, but after being publicly backed by Manny Luiz and the Progressive Liberal Democrat Wing, Kameron became a lock for the nomination. Dan Kameron ended up winning with 86% of the vote an overwhelming amount, handing establishment politician Roger Southwell his first ever electoral loss after being urged to come out of retirement to beat Kameron.

Eventually, Dan Kameron would be expelled from the Liberal Democratic Party for his increasingly hardline populist views and he would resign without any official legislation to pin his name too only ten months into his first term. Kameron would descend into hiding without any official word for about six years, that's when in 4726 he created his podcast "The Face of The Nation" which for some was proof of just how far-left he had turned. Dan Kameron had fully embraced his left-wing populist message and projected anti-establishment deliveries while crafting intricate solutions to answer today's issues. In four years of running the podcast, Kameron had cast himself back fully into the limelight with his highly rated podcast. Many speculated he would try to begin another run at Parliament by joining the RSP, but those speculations came to an end when he shocked Baltusia by joining the newly formed New Progressive Party founded by his former colleague Manny Luiz. The NPP hoped Dan Kameron joined the party looking to push his populist movement into Parliament, but instead he decided to aim for the presidency and bucked the NPP's wishes by starting a grassroots campaign aiming to get the nomination. Despite pushback, his message resonated with the people and he would end up winning the nomination for 4734 and 4738. Kameron campaigned his message in the 4734 election but declined to fund the campaign like a real one, instead he chose to promote his future run in four years, and advocate for NPP in Parliament. Despite his soft-campaign, Kameron still managed to grab 2,304,826 votes for the presidency and notched a 3.49% voting percentage. Dan Kameron is currently riding a small wave of momentum as he actively campaigns for his 4738 presidential run, which he hopes will project his hardnosed left-wing populist message on the national stage.

Positions Edit

Kameron is a self-described "FIrebrand Populist" and he carries that moniker proudly, his ideology is progressive with a populist emphasis. Numerous political rating systems have described him as a social nationalist, democratic socialist, liberal populist. Dan Kameron embraces modern progressive thought and believes in the expansion of social services to provide for the citizens, he advocates a massive wealth tax to boost the economy. His outlier views however lay in his isolationist and militarist stance. Kameron rejects international cooperation and refuses to agree to any trade deals or alliances, he belives Baltusia should remain neutral and loyal to their citizens. Dan Kameron received a 0/5 on the National Foreign Policy Score Inquiry in terms of foreign cooperation,his militarist stance has also put him in hot water at times. Unlike a lot of his contemporary's who promote military and police demilitarization, Kameron advocates for a heavily armed national police force to protect from foreign adversary's while maintaining a limited armed police force instituted through local offices.Dan Kameron has also advocated for the use of drones in warfare instead of soldiers, as a way to limit Baltusian deaths and as a way to mount a coordinated defensive effort against foreign invaders.

Criticisms Edit

Kameron has been heavily critical of almost every party within Baltusia, his first public criticism coming at a campaign rally in he which he claimed

"The BCP are a bunch of warmongers I'll tell you guys that much, they want to bring our citizens into these international wars, they want our sons and daughters to go out there and die. They voted against The True Isolation Act, they wanted to keep exporting weapons to foreign nations. They want to turn Baltusia into an arms weapon manufacturer and distributor. I promise you guys, the people, that for our families when you guys elect New Progressive into the government and me for President, we're gonna get them the hell out of our country and we're gonna start rebuilding Baltuisa for the people, by the people!"
Other parties have not been spared with some getting it worse than others, Kameron referred to the Moderate Republican Party as "anti-Baltusians who want the people to have nothing." Dan Kameron although receiving criticisms of his own from within his own party and media platforms alike has continued his attack on other parties even attacking his former party The Liberal Democrats going as far as too say
"The Liberal Democrats so called "democracy" they believe in is a straight up hoax, they don't even want you to have religious schools. They voted for The Religious School Ban. They're not democrats, they're not for democracy, they'd buy you off to anyone in an instant. They're not liberals they're right wing sell outs loyal to corporations, not the people."
Kameron has had mostly reserved marks for the other party's, saying the RSP has "good intentions but too radical for this country, and must be met with opposition to have regulated socialist policies." He has remarked of the UCP as having a "great isolationist position and sense of message, but I reject their ideological purpose." He was however less reserved about his thoughts on The National Democratic Front labeling them as
"The NDF are a bunch of radical right-wingers who oppose anyone they don't see as true Baltusian nationalists, their supporters generally aren't good people. These people are authoritarians, they want to enforce their nationalistic status quo. Everyone deserves respect in this country and their freedoms, but the NDF promotes exactly the opposite of that. When I get into office the people will speak for this government and we will make sure to make some changes to make sure establishment crooks loyal to corporations like the NDF don't oppose the will of the people."

Controversies Edit

Kameron has not been free from criticism himself, critiques of his hyperbole and verbiage goes back to his days as an up and coming Representative for the LDP. He was said to ruffle a lot of feathers within the more conservative heads of the party with some claiming he was going too "bring the party down" if he was ever elected to an official position. Kameron would eventually be elected an MP to represent the LDP in 4719, with the LDP holding the presidency and being the party majority in Parliament with 29%. While in Parliament, Kameron made a name for himself by his intense persona and his clashes with opponents and fellow party members alike. His staunch isolationist and militarist stance and constant conflicts increasingly soured the relationship with his colleagues and eventually his party. Dan Kameron was officially expelled from The LDP on January 10th, 4720 and immediately resigned from office less than a year into his term.

Since Kameron's reemergence as the nominee of the NPP, his number of criticisms have increased. He has been described as a strongman, and a "dictator in waiting". Him being an advocate of in your face response to national issues has caused some to refer to him as a "authoritarian left-wing reactionary." Even though Kameron mantains he is for democracy and would step down if he were to be elected and then beat in a following election, Kameron maintains he is a "man of the people and that a dictatorship does not reflect those values."

Multiple countries and parties alike called out the NPP when they proposed The Keep it in Baltusia Bill, which would cease aid to all countries regardless of situation. Dan Kameron remarked on the backlash from bill with podcast host Moe Hogan

"It's crazy to me that people get mad over wanting to keep things in Baltusia. What's wrong with keeping it in Baltusia? There's nothing wrong with wanting to provide for your country and not somebody else's. No one truly embraces the spirit of isolationism, they say they do. But they don't, they pick and choose what they want. I'm being serious when I say this, everyone who's watching this when New Progressive hits the government and I get elected me, you, us we're all gonna take back Baltusia from these corporate sellouts. When we do be ready, because we're gonna rebuild Baltusia, we're gonna bring thousands of new jobs, we're gonna kill the unemployment rate in Attano it's at like seven-percent that's going down, we're gonna unite the people and we're gonna keep Baltusia progressive and it's not changing."

Free Populist Reactionary Core (F.P.R.C) Edit

Among the controversies outside the political scope of Kameron, is his connection to the creation of alleged left-wing paramilitary group The Free Populist Reactionary Core. Dan Kameron was alleged to have helped fund and create the group while running his highly rated podcast The Face of the People, the purpose being was to fund a group to serve as an alternative government response in case of a government shutdown. The FPRC have faced numerous allegations in the past with various politicians calling for them to be labeled as terrorists and declared as an illegal paramilitary. The FPRC has been linked to the failed assassination of former BCP representative Hans Jekker when a former member of their group sent him a letter laced with poison. They have also been linked to the 4725 cyber-security attack on the Moderate Republican Party's election servers and the kidnapping of Greta Biano, daughter of MRP Representative Marco Biano. Dan Kameron and FPRC spokesperson Craig Myers have both denied Kameron's involvement in the organization and Myers has denied the allegations of terrorism. Still despite the denials, it was found that FPRC leader Selaya Quintero was a major contributor to the program. The FPRC moved from a political movement to an alleged paramilitary group when they received a mysterious large sum donation at the end of 4728 and according to sources began to acquire military arms. Kameron still maintains he has no connection with The FPRC or any paramilitary organizations, as it stands paramilitary are illegal and not recognized by the government.

Voice of the People Edit

Another alleged controversy Kameron is associated with is the Voice of the People news site. The site which is a left-wing news site has been accused of radicalizing readers in the past, and is believed by many to be funded by Kameron himself. It should be noted that the accredited creator of Voice of the People is Jason Kellogg, who used to be the executive producer on Kameron's former podcast Face of the Nation.


A screenshot of The Voice of The People's website in 4734

The site has notably ramped up pro-Kameron news post election in Baltusia, while also pushing what some say is "left-wing propaganda" by their numerous stories criticizing rival parties. Dan Kameron has denied connection but welcomes their support, while others watch what they fear is a full fledged propaganda machine.

NPP Troubles Edit

Like times before, Kameron has been criticized by his fellow party members for his actions. Recently, there were rumored reports that a rift had grown between party leader Drew Chou and Kameron. Chou is said to be increasingly unpleased and uncomfortable with Kameron's recent actions and see's his reactionary populist message as a distraction from modern progressive politics. While the situation seems contained now, many members are reported to be worried about a power struggle within the NPP. Some are worried that Kameron's popular message and increasing reputation within the party will convince some members to adapt his stances as some already have, causing a rift in the party. Many party members believe that with a presidential election victory or possibly even a close loss, that Kameron could propel himself into the lead spot of the party and abandon the modern progressive message while embracing his populist beliefs and moving them forward through the arm of the party.

1937 Election Edit

Dan Kameron was the select nominee by the NPP heading into the 4737 Baltusian Presidential Election. However, due to clashes and increasingly hostile encounters with Drew Chou the leader of the NPP, Kameron was pulled from the ticket last second and the NPP declined to run a candidate. Instead they decided to endorse The Liberal Democratic Party's candidate. This conflict led to a lot of inner turmoil within the party, Manny Luiz who chose Chou to be the party leader while he was the chair ultimately made the decision to demote Chou given that Luiz still had more power within the party. Manny Luiz resigned as the party chair and became party leader, while tabbing party secretary Alexandria Darbou to be the new party chair. Dan Kameron has declined to say whether he's running in 4741 for president, meanwhile Drew Chou has been selected as a prime minister candidate.

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