Daniel Pierson
Imperator of Luthori
In office
Member of Luhtorian Diet
In office
February 4747 – 4757
Leader of the Luthori First
Assumed office
January 4746
Preceded byZack Pierson
Succeeded byJack Pierson
Personal details
BornMarch 15th 4701
DiedAugust 16th 4757
Political partyLuthori First
Spouse(s)Elisabeth Pierson
ChildrenJack Pierson, Cecilia Pierson
MotherOlivia Pierson
FatherZack Pierson
Daniel Pierson was a Luthorian Politician, born in 15th of March 4701 to his parents Zack Pierson and Olivia Pierson. He is the re-founder and Leader of Luthori First and held the office of Imperator in the Holy Luthorian Empire between years 4751 and 4756. He died in August of 4757

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Daniel Pierson was born to Zack Pierson, who is the former leader of The New Luthori First 10 years after Zack resigned from politics due to high criticism. He tried to hide this fact from Daniel

Daniel became interested in politics when he found out in school about his fathers history in politics. He saw his father as weak and not strong enough to lead a party like Luthori First. He was ashamed that his father ruined the reputation of Luthori First. He moved out as soon as he turned 18.

Getting into politics Edit

When his father died of cancer in 4742, Daniel swore that he was not weak like his father. He decided he would do what his father failed at, revive the long-gone political party Luthori First.

In February of 4746 Daniel got in touch with a few old members of The New Luthori First and refounded Luthori First once more.

Imperator of Luthori Edit

In February of 4751 Daniel Pierson was elected to the office of Imperator of Luthori

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