Dankuk Exchange
Dankuk Exchange
Type Stock Exchange
Founded 1 August 3618
Headquarters Seongtaek

The Dankuk Exchange (Kyo: 단국거래소; Dra: Bolsa de Drania; Abbr: DKX) is the sole securities operator in Dankuk and it operates multiple indices with markets in equities, bonds, derivatives, FX, money markets, and precious metals and commodities. It is headquartered in Seongtaek and has major offices in Iglesia Mayor and Port Rhynach.

The majority of companies listed in the Dankuk Exchange are Dranian-based, however some non-Dranian companies are traded on the exchange through Dranian depository receipts (DDRs).

Companies Traded Edit

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Seongtaek (legislative capital)
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