King of Darnussia
King, Chief Priest and Highest Noble
Darntus II
Born 770 , Torchvan, Torchvan City State, Narikaton
Died 823, Merenbürg, Kingdom of Darnussia
Reign Prince of Narikaton, 780 - 800
King of Darnussia, 800 - 823
Predecessor King Darntus I, King of Darnussia
Successor Prince of Narikaton, Danton Darntus II
King of Darnussia, King Dantonite I
Imperial Dynasty House of Darntus

Dantonite Dantus Darntus (780 – 823), also called Darntus II, was the second King of the Kingdom of Darnussia. Darntus II father was King Darntus I and Darntus II became heir to the throne. As simply Darntus II, he succeeded to the throne in year 800 following King Darntus I death.

Darntus II is remembered as a irresponsible and a tyrant; he is known as the "Failed Reformer". King Darntus II was one of the first Monarch's to persecute the Jews and other ethnic minorities.

In 823 King Darntus II tried but failed to have sex with a young Jewish women. The Jewish women killed Darntus II in a bloody struggle. After King Darntus II death he was succeded by his grandson.


The nobles appointed King Darntus's son Darntus II to be his successor. King Darntus II was widely known to be the opposite of his father, he ruled with an iron fist and his many reform policies failed. Darntus II in a last attempt to recharge his failing Kingdom enslaved the small Jewish population. Darntus II ruled for 23 years in tell he was killed by a Jewish Women who he tried to rape. The Kingdom of Darnussia would be ruled by different Kings for many years.


Darntus II was: King, Chief Priest, Governor of Darnussia, and Highest Noble.


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