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For the modern nation, see Narikaton and Darnussia.

Darnussia is a geographical and historical region in southern Artania, traditionally consisting of the mainland provinces of Alkavon and Kozaria, and the island provinces of Narikaton, Nihaton and Clenon. It was for the most part a single, unified country until the Narik Wars, when it was split into the Narikatonite Empire and the Darnussian Republic. It was united in 3321 and now the entire region of Darnussia ia taken up by the Imperial Commonwealth.

Darnussia in modern common usage may refer to:

  • Any of the pre-war sovereign states that took up the entire historical region of Darnussia as is defined above (see list).
  • The modern Kingdom of Darnussia, now a constituent country of the Imperial Commonwealth.
  • The Darnussian Republic during the time it was a seperate, independent country from Narikaton between 3203 and 3319.