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Darnussian-Hobrazian Border Conflict
Date May 2566
Location Darnussian Democratic Republic, Second Imperial Republic of Hobrazia
Result Inconclusive
Darnussianflagtt7.jpg Darnussian Democratic Republic
DLA.jpg Whiteshirt Militia
HobrazianFlag.png Second Imperial Republic of Hobrazia
Darnussianflagtt7.jpg General Joshua C. Mastertoni
DLA.jpg Jacob Flint

Darnussian-Hobrazian Border Conflict was a conflict that took part between Darnussian Democratic Republic and Second Imperial Republic of Hobrazia after the War of Luthori Succession. Despite the large amount of troops stationed at the border, casualties were low. Only 3 people were killed in the conflict, all Darnussians. Instead of going to full scale war, the conflict split up the southern Artania, mainly aligning Darnussia with Malivia through the Axis Agreement and possibly fueled the return of the Three Nation Territorial And Economic Alliance between Hobrazia, Keymon and Likatonia.

Steps of the Conflict[]

The Beginning[]

The seeds of the conflict go all the way back to the Union between Hobrazians and Darnussians in 2370. Darnussian believe that it was direct invasion by Hobrazians within the Darnussian parliament, as the Hobrazians believe Darnussia voluntarily joined the Hobrazian-Darnussian Union. Union was dissolved three years later which then lead to birth of Darnussian Sovereignty Council created by Darnussian to make sure they would never again fall under foreign rule. Dispute over weither the Union was an invasion or a fully democratic decision caused by economical deficit going back to the Lusitânian dictatorship and in the occupation as the Deltarian Protectorate of Darnussia went on for centuries.

War of Luthori Succession[]

During the final years of bloody Luthori civil war Hobrazians joined the military efforts against the Luthori Republicans. That caused old wounds to open in Darnussia when they were used by the populist leaders of Darnussian Liberation Army, the largest party in Darnussia at that time. Darnussian government, led by president Anton Robervou, stated their concern over Hobrazian and Aldurian movement at Darnussian-Luthori border to the Luthori Loyalists. Darnussian parliament voted for intervention to War of Luthori Succession in February 2565 because of the increased Hobrazian threat that was enlargened by the DLA propaganda machine. It is still disputed weither they really ever intended to interfere in the war or was the mobilisation of the military just a populist plot to increase DLA's support among the people of Darnussia.

«You obviously have no idea who you have allied with? Hobrazians would use any way possible to destroy Darnussia and this is their possibility, granted by you and your actions. We have solid defences against their border, but you allow Hobrazians to get through the Luthori lands to go around them, endagering the safety of Darnussia to a level it hasn't been in for hundreds of years.»
(Anton Robervou discussing with the leaders of the MLA.)

Robervou used harsh words to describe the so-called Hobrazian threat, accusing them for atrocities in Darnussia during the Union and calling their military a "professional army of rapists", which caused enragement among the Hobrazian government. While Luthori Loyalists replaced all Hobrazian and Aldurian forces in the Darnussian-Luthori border and Darnussian Military withdrew, new conflict was ignited at the Hobrazian-Darnussian Border.

«I have also personally commanded that the border be closed with immediate affect and that border duties be handed over to the military. The state of alert and war readiness has been increased to RED and we are not afraid to defend our lands from aggressive nations. For the peace of Artania and the peace of Terra we ask Darnussia to back down and step away from the course it has chosen. Hobrazia does not forget.»
(From a speech by Emperor Elect Matthew Neesam)

«Those claims are outrageous. We have no intensions of any hostile actions towards Hobrazian forces now that they have been removed from our Luthori border. We are currently seasing the recall of our troops because of the several threats of war from the Hobrazian government. If there is going to be an agressor, it is going to be Hobrazians. And we have made no diplomatic proposals towards Malivia on this matter. But if the Hobrazians continue to directly threaten us with war, we will be waiting for their attack. Darnussias wishes no war but does not back from it if the Hobrazian rapist army decides to try to take our nation with force once again.»
( Robervous fiery response to Hobrazians)

The Conflict[]

Soon after the exchange of words between the two leaders, both militaries were called to arms. 600,000 Hobrazian Troops were stationed at the Darnussian border and Darnussians answered with calling 900,000 men and women to arms as they mobilized the Darnussian Military, with 700,000 men deployed at the border. Situation continued as a standoff for several years, with show off of military technology and power by both sides. Both nations accused the other for beign the agressor, but neither side took any real military action against the other. Only casualties of the conflict were two dead Darnussian spies who were shot to death in small village of Lushat at the border region and one Hobrazian immigrant in Darnussia who was killed by Whiteshirt radicals. The amount of troops at the border reached nearly two million men, with both nations stationing nearly million men, but the conflict continued as standoff.

As time passed, Darnussian Military started to recall the soldiers and the amount of troops decreased to 150,000 still stationed at the border. The Hobrazians removed most of their stationed troops as a part of an redeployment to assist the monarchy in Luthori once more during the second civil war in Luthori. Diplomatic tension between Hobrazian and Darnussia is still continuing this very day.