David I
Sacred Monarch of Beiteynu

Reign 1449 - 1493
Coronation 1449
Predecessor Ishmael III
Died 1493
Religion Yeudism

David I (Yeudi: דָּוִד) was the 15th Sacred Monarch of the First Yeudi Homeland of Beiteynu. Although he was coronated as King this was done so under the period of time referred to as The Anarchy and so he had only nominal power.

David ascended to the throne at the age of 6 following the death of Ishmael III. Ishamel was his brother and as he had no sons David was chosen to succeed him. At the age of 19 David married the daughter of a local baker sending shockwaves through the royal court. However this was soon forgotten as two years later he began his quest to restore the power of the King.

It was under David that Beiteynuese loyal to the Sacred Monarchy began to unite and attempt to reclaim the nation. However following the Pontesian invasion of 1492 he was killed and his people subjugated.

Aside from being seen as a national hero, today David also holds special notoriety for introducing the Star of David. The star later became the official symbol of Yeudism and can be seen in some form on every flag of Beiteynu since. David is also regarded as an important figure in the Osean Church and helped grow the city of Yishelem.

Preceded by
Henry VII
King of England
22 April 1509 – 28 January 1547
Succeeded by
Edward VI
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