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David Thorsten

In office
January 2nd, 2741 – January 2nd, 2744
Preceded by
Succeeded by

In office
Febuary 9th, 2738 – January 8th, 2744
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Fascist Authority Party Candidate for Justice
In office
November 28th, 2719 – Febuary 9th, 2738
Preceded by
Karl Stover
Succeeded by
Daniel Atherton

June 22nd, 2693
Febuary 10th, 2774
Political party
Fredrika Thorsten
Constitutional Lawyer, Politician

David Thorsten (June 22nd, 2693-Febuary 10th, 2774) was the 16th Governor-General of Greater Hulstria and former chairman of the Fascist Authority Party. Before being appointed to the helm of the party in 2738 and eventually being voted in as Governor-General in 2741, Thorsten was a constitutional law lawyer in Kien. He down the road in his career would become associated with the Fascist Authority Party and was appointed to their candidate for the Ministry of Justice in 2727 by then party leader Gregory Kleinman. In 2738 Thorsten was tapped to lead the Fascist Authority Party as their Chairman by Kleinman after he resigned shortly losing re-election the same year for Governor-General.

Elected to Governor-General in 2741, also the 100 year anniversary of the re-founding of the Fascist Authority Party by Spenzer Roderick, David Thorsten became the first Governor-General of Greater Hulstria to travel to a foreign nation, the Archduchy of Vorona. There he met with Valdemar von Barovia, the then head of the Voronian Monarchy, and established diplomatic relations with the island nation. On the domestic front, Thorsten was Governor-General during the rise of the communist Radicalists Movement and the brief abolishment of the state church by the Radicalists and social democrats, which evetually before his term ended he was successfully able to bring back. He is also the 3rd Governor-General to lose to a candidate whom he first beat to win the office. After losing re-election, Thorsten resigned as the Fascist Authority Party Chairman, and returned back to pursue a private law career; Richard Wenceslas was appointed to takeover.

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