Davostani Army
Dovske Hær
Dovska Armén
Active September 1st, 4790 - present
Country Union of Davostan and Kivonia
Allegiance Ministry of Defense
Branch Armed Forces of Davostan
Type Army
Size 30,000 (active)
16,000 (reserve)
Inspector-General of the Davostani Army General Manfred Vinhamn (July, 4791)

The Davostani Army (Davostani: Dovske Hær; Kivonian: Dovska Armén) is the land combat force of the Armed Forces of Davostan. It is commanded by the General-Inspectorate of the Army (Davostani: Generalinspektoratet for Hæren; Kivonian: Arméns Generalinspektorat) and lead by the Inspector-General of the Davostani Army (Davostani: Generalinspektøren for Hæren; Kivonian: Arméns Generalinspektör) who holds the rank of Lieutenant General of the Davostani Army. The Davostani Army models itself after the Dorvish Army.


Structure, organization and branchesEdit

  • Army High Command - Military High Command HQ, Kivonia
    • Capital Defense Corp
    • 1st Infantry Division
      • 1st Infantry Regiment: 2,200
      • 1st Armoured Regiment: 2,200
      • 1st Mechanized Infantry Regiment: 2,200
      • 1st Artillery Regiment: 2,200
      • 1st Mountain Infantry Regiment: 2,200
    • 1st Armoured Division
      • 2nd Armoured Regiment: 2,500
      • 3rd Armoured Regiment: 2,400
      • 1st Armoured Infantry Regiment: 2,400
      • 2nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment: 1,700
      • 1st Air Cavalry Regiment: 2,000
    • 2nd Infantry Division:
      • 4th Armoured Regiment: 2,000
      • 2nd Mountain Infantry Regiment: 1,500
      • 2nd Artillery Regiment: 1,500
      • 3rd Mechanized Infantry Regiment: 1,500
      • 2nd Infantry Regiment: 1,500

Personnel and budgetEdit

The Davostani Army has since 4791 a budget of 50,000,000,000 Davosti, these numbers is delegated by the Army High Command to the different branches at their own discretion.

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