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Deĵano Cezarido Starofhonour

Full name: Deĵano Alexei Cezarido-Panzavecchia

Chief of Staff to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cobura
In office
4312 – 4317

Kolibro Party Whip
In office
4320 – 4323

4th Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cobura
In office
4323 – 4326
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Coburan Ambassador to the World Congress and representative of Security Council Seat E
In office
4328 – 4341
Preceded by
Succeeded by

7th Minister of Internal Affairs of Cobura
In office
4341 – 4350
Preceded by
Succeeded by

In office
4350 – 4352

4 August 4283
19 December 4352 (69 year old)
Political party
Beniamo Panzavecchia (since 4331) Born in Bunogna, (Istalia)
Arianna Panzavecchia and Levi Panzavecchia
Politics of Cobura

World Congress Kolibro

Deĵano Cezarido is a Coburan politician and diplomat, who is known best for his Ambassadorship of Security Council Seat E. He is also known for his book ''A future worth fighting for'', and became popular by being the first openly gay person to be elected in any major Coburan political office as well as the Security Council Seat E. Furthermore, he also serves as ambassador of the Coburan SAGA foundation and the Progressive Coalition.

He first served as chief of staff and highest adviser to Foreign Minister and later Prime Minister Konstantiniano Triho, after which he became Minister of Foreign Affairs himself in a cabinet headed by the man he first served. Since his term as Foreign Minister, he initiated the ''Leadership to believe in - Cobura for Seat B'' Campaign, in which he managed to get Cobura elected in the World Congress Security Council, representing Seat E. After the victory, he became Cobura's ambassador to the World Congress until 4341, when he returned to Cobura in order to serve as Minister of Internal Affairs.

As of October 4341, Cezarido is one the nine people to ever become Coburan minister for two different ministries (foreign affairs and internal affairs). In 4329, he became 3rd in the popular magazine Zania's list of most admired people in Terra.

In 4350, prior to being inaugurated as Cobura's 8th Lieutenant Governor-General, Cezarido was given the Coburan Star of Honour, a medal rewarded for his outstanding service and lifelong commitment to the Coburan State. The Star was given by then Governor-General Sileshi Lishan.

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