The defense industry of Trigunia is a major economic component. It is primarily managed by 2 major state-operated corporations, the State Shipbuilding Corporation (known commonly as United Shipbuilding Corporation) and the State Aircraft Corporation (known commonly as the United Aircraft Corporation). These two, alongside several dozen land system corporations are incredibly economically profitable for Trigunia. Trigunia is a world wide exporter of arms, it is well known that Trigunian security and intelligence services will play both sides of a war or conflict to benefit Trigunia economically.

State Shipbuilding CorporationEdit

State Aircraft CorporationEdit

The State Aircraft Corporation is a conglomerate of all major aircraft manufacturing companies within Trigunia. It was first organized by the All-Trigunian Communist Party after attempts had failed at production, leaving the Trigunian Armed Forces and a massive part of the economy in tatters. The State Aircraft Corporation manages a series of public-private business ventures. The State Aircraft Corporation also overtook several branches of production, mostly owned by private investors as well as corporations themselves, which are often called "Aircraft Production Associations" and are named after the city they are located.

  • Tumirovich/Tumirovich Design Bureau (Founded by Chuprin Tumirovich; Aircraft Prefix: Tu - based off of Tupolev)
  • Ilyich Aviation Complex/Ilyich Design Bureau (Founded by Yermolovo Ilyich; Aircraft Prefix: An - based off of Ilyushin)
  • Belashovich Aircraft Company/Belashovich Design Bureau (Founded by Balashov Belashovich; Aircraft Prefix: Be - based off of Beriev/Beriev Aircraft Company)
  • Yakano Design Bureau (Founded by Chkalov Valentin (Valya) Yakanovich; Aircraft Prefix: Yak - based off of Yakovlev)
  • Makarovich Experimental Design Bureau (Founded by Kravchuk Innokentiy (Kesha) Makarovich; Aircraft Prefix: M - based off of Myasishchev)
  • Trigunian Aircraft Corporation (Formerly known as Mikarov-Grigorievich Design Bureau; Founded by Igoshin Fyodor (Fedya) Mikarov and Chilayev Onufri Grigorievich; Aircraft Prefix: MiG - based off of Mikoyan)
  • Suvelievich Aircraft Corporation/Suvelievich Design Bureau (Founded by Fonvizin Valerian (Lera) Savelievich; Aircraft Prefix: Su - based off of Sukhoi)

Research institutes and centersEdit

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