In January 3195, the Liberal Party of Deltaria voted on a much rumoured move to bring the party back to the people by dissolving into the aligned Liberal Movement.The movement is designed with the intention of allowing for a proper expression of liberalism in the nation, free from the constraints of other identities. In the pursuit of liberty within the movement, there are several organised factions that work together to both represent their constituents and form a unified policy platform.
"The Liberal Movement is neither left, nor right. We are liberals. We stand for freer, fairer policies which stand as a testament to both the liberty and the equality of the people in this nation. We find that left and right are inadequate terms, forcing parties and individuals to take on policies and assumptions that they may not like, simply to associate with one or two that they enjoy. The Movement has both members on the left and right of the economic scale, as well as members who are at multiple points on the social scale. "We are not ideologues. We are realists. We look to the reality of this nation, and the policies that will work in practice, not just because our direction on a scale dictates that it must be the course of action. "It is also odd that the leader, who relies on specific progressive political organisations for funding, chooses to strike out at an organisation such as the movement, and its predecessor in the Liberal Party of Deltaria. Both these organisations take donations from the entirety of Deltaria. Whoever believes in our cause can contribute. We reject no comers, because we understand that they are all Deltarians who share a common goal. Our donors aren't just progressives. Ours are community members who believe in equity and the sovereign nature of our humanity. The movement acts as an aligned group of independent liberals who work together towards a common goal, organised into basic factions. We're as transparent as you can get. "We look after not only ourselves, but in doing so, we stand to protect liberties of the people of this nation. We stand as the guardians of liberalism and the right to self determination. - Matthew Hart
Libertarian Factional Chairman


The Social Liberals, headed by former two-term Deltarian Governor, Dr. Christine Cartwright.
The Liberal Conservatives, lead by convenor, former Governor and Foreign Minister Nicolas Wies.
The Libertarians, chaired by former Premier Matthew Hart.

Governor Candidate: Former Finance Minister Dianne Walker

Notable PersonsEdit

  • Michelle Lyne: Former Movement Candidate for Governor of Deltaria
  • Nicolas Wies (LibCon): Former Foreign Minister of Deltaria, Former Governor of Deltaria (3174 - 3178)
  • Melinda Quan (Libertarian)
  • Dr. Christine Cartwright (SocLib): Former Governor of Deltaria (3180 - 3185)
  • Matthew Hart (Libertarian): Premier of Deltaria (3196 - 3206)
  • Dianne Walker (LibCon): Former Finance Minister of Deltaria, Former Leader of the Liberal Conservatives
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