Deltarian Politics
Hllofhnr hallofhonor
The Crown
Headquarters Deltársko Hrad, Čachtice
Czar Dušan III
Czarina Vel'kovojvodkyňa Beáta z Čestibor
Royal Line Čestiborovská Dynastia
Heir Apparant Vel'kovojvoda Ľubomír z Čestibor
The Church
Headquarters Pápežský Hrad, Dolinka
Arch-Patriarch Pápež Tomáš II
Born Slavomír Križ
Synod Holy Sobor
Political Factions of Deltaria
The Crown - The Church - The Nobles


The Deltarian Czardom is a decentralized absolute monarchy, with the Czar presiding over the highest official seat of authority. However, in reality the Czar's powers, while unlimited in theory, are in practice limited by the Church, the legislative, and the local government. Most legislative and executive decisions are devolved to the local governments, whereby the subnational units of the Czardom enjoy wide political autonomy, expressed in the veches, local popular assemblies. The political system of the Czardom tends to overrepresent the nobility and the clergy, who have a great weight in the establishment of national politics. Each noble family and the Church maintains a military wing, or Huskarle, to defend their holdings and maintain civil order.

The CzarEdit

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The highest legislative, executive, and judicial authority in Deltaria belongs to the Czar and Autocrat of Deltaria, currently Dušan the Third z Čestibor. The Czar has the right to declare war and make peace, represent the Czardom abroad, conclude treaties and alliances, and accredit and receive ambassadors. In the case of a non-defensive war being declared, consent of the Czarist Rada is required. The Czar also has the right to veto any law passed by the Czarist Rada, which veto can be overridden by a two thirds majority. As supreme judge of the Czardom, the Czar has ultimate and discretionary appellate jurisdiction over all courts of the Czardom. Succession to the throne follows the principle of male primogeniture and Salic law, within the Čestiborovská Dynastia. In case the dynasty dies out, the Czarist Rada has the responsibility of finding a new dynasty among Deltaria’s noble families.

Czar CourtEdit

The Czar Court is a small group of the Czar's most favoured and valued advisors, chosen directly by the Czar himself from the ranks of the legislative, the Czarist Rada, and confirmed by the latter. The highest position in the Council is the Dvorný Radca, who maintains close ties with the Czar and councils him on a range of issues, while others provide specialised knowledge and advice on subjects ranging from foreign affairs and land management to religious and cultural duties.

Dushan III

Czar Dušan III

Czar Court
Czar Dušan III Čestiborovská Dynastia
Dvorný Radca Stefan Nemanja Free Counter-revolutionary Party
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ƿilfrið Barðr Reactionary Czarist League
Minister of Internal Affairs Ronald Dickinson Free Counter-revolutionary Party
Minister of Finance Jovan Nenad Free Counter-revolutionary Party
Minister of War General Constantin Vladimirescu Reactionary Czarist League
Minister of Justice Béla Győző Workers' Rights Party
Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Vlado Chernozemski Free Counter-revolutionary Party
Minister of Health and Social Services Imre Herczeg Workers' Rights Party
Minister of Education, Culture, and Religious Affairs Mihály Bartók Workers' Rights Party
Minister of Science Milunka Savić Free Counter-revolutionary Party
Minister of Agriculture and Peasant Affairs Ernő Gyulay Workers' Rights Party
Minister of Environment and Tourism Szilárd Alpár Workers' Rights Party
Minister of Trade and Industry Thomas Peters Free Counter-revolutionary Party

Czarist RadaEdit

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Naban rada

The Czarist Rada exdercises the legislative powers of the Czar in the Deltarian Czardom. The Czarist Rada consists of 380 delegates from the veches of the Voivodeships, elected from their members. The Rada is elected every four years, and has, in theory, a purely advisory role, but laws pased by the Rada are typically accepted by the Czar. Due to the composition of the veches, whereby nobles and higher clergy sit in person while the lower classes are represented by delegates, the Rada offers an overrepresentation of the aristocracy and the church. The Rada is located in the Varnassian District in Naban, one of the two capitals of Deltaria.

The NobilityEdit

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The JudiciaryEdit

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