Demar Solad
Demar Solad

Flag of Egelion

High-rise buildings in Demar Solad
Country Egelion
Region Amateria
  Ruling party(s)
Population 6.17 million

Demar Solad is the capital city of Egelion and the largest city in the province of Amateria. For centuries, the city has been the political and economic centre of the country despite the status of Fálfoz as Egelion's largest city and its cultural heart.


Demar Solad has a rich history which is deeply intertwined with the history of Egelion itself. Prior to its status as the Egelian capital, it was a vital part of the state of Amateria, later becoming the capital of the Grand Kingdom. Demar Solad's role is described in the Romance of the Five Kingdoms.


The regions of eastern Amateria which surround Demar Solad are mountainous and the city lies between a mountain range and the ocean. The river which runs through it contributes to the fertility of the surrounding area and explains why the city developed in the location which it did.

Government and politicsEdit

Demar Solad, in addition to having its own local politics, is central to the national government of the country.

Egelian ParliamentEdit

The Egelian Parliament is located in Demar Solad, making the city a vital part of the governance of the country. In addition to the grand chamber where legislative debates and votes are held, the Parliament building contains hundreds of offices and meeting rooms.

Parliament Demar Solad overhead view

The Egelian Parliament building in Demar Solad

Local governmentEdit

The local government of the Consejo Ducal de Amateria sits in Demar Solad. In the province area lies also the cities of Midmont and Egelburg.


As the capital and major hub of the nation, Demar Solad boosts an impressive economy, in every sector.

Education Edit

The University of Demar Solad is the largest higher education institution in Egelion and is part of the University of Amateria system.

Several other institutions are located in Demar Solad.

Culture Edit

Being a major hub, Demar Solad enjoys a vast array of cultural instituions and events, it is the location of the National Art Museum of Egelion, the National Gallry, the National Museum of Egelion, the Egelonian History Museum, the Egelonian Fine Arts Academy and many others.

In Demar Solad you can find a vast range of buildings of high importance for the state. Not only can you find the Cámara de los Representantes, the Consejo Ducal de Amateria's council building and the Presidential Palace but also several headquarters for the national parties and domestic and global companies.

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