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Demographics of Trigunia
Population 99,569,595 (3380)
Density 76.54 people/km²
Literacy Rate 97%
Poverty Rate 14%
Unemployment 6.09%
Life Expectancy Male: 76.7 years
Female: 79.4 years
Infant Mortality 3.56 deaths/1,000 live births
Ethnicity (Census of 3380)
Triguniye 43%
Sullestian 35%
Hulstrian 9%
Kozaks 5%
Tirgitians 4%
Saaristians 3%
Other 1%
Independent Confessional 55%
Atheism 22%
Ameliorate 12%
Terran Patriarchalism 6%
Siedism 4%
Other 1%



Main article: Trigunian

The largest ethnicity of Trigunia is that of Trigunians (Rodshya: Triguniye) making up roughly 87% of the population. Due to past poverty, political oppression, and geographical factors Trigunia has not seen large influxes of immigrants like many other nations of Terra have and therefore, its population has remained relatively homogeneous.


Main article: Sullestians

Sullestians - native people of Trigunia. First Sullestians came into Trigunian Islands in 20th century BC. Their population has always been small, so the Trigunians have managed to quickly become a major nation in the country. From the middle of 3270th years has been a rapid development of Sullestian culture and rapid population growth, and by the mid 34th century, the Sullestians were the second largest nation of Trigunia.


In the early 2500's thousands of Hulstrians immigrated from Hulstria to Trigunia during the reign of Aleksandr I. The Trigunian Tsar promised favorable business terms to the foreigners who would move to Trigunian and bring skills to his country. Since then Hulstrians living in Trigunia have experienced the same trials of Communism and Republicanism that Trigunia has faced, however they have managed to keep a strong ethnic identity but without alienating themselves from Trigunain society at large. Hulstrians historically fill skilled positions in Trigunian society with many being doctors, lawyers, and holding high level military positions.


Main article: Kozaks

Kozaks is a large minority in Trigunia, mostly live in west part of Chadonia island.


Main article: Saaristians

Saaristians were formerly part of the Sullestian people, who lived on the island of Tirgith. But now, under the influence of Hulstrian and Tirgitian culture, they spun off into a separate nation.


Main article: Tirgitians

Tirgitians - descendants of merchants who arrived in Trigunia in 15-18 century


Official languages of Trigunia is Rodshya and Sullestian.

Hulstrian, Kozak, Saaristen and Tirgitian languages ​​have the status of regional languages ​​in some sub-regions of the country.


Main article: Religion in Trigunia

78% of the population call themselves believers. Among the believers predominate Luthorans and Ameliorates, Patriarchals are also found.

Largest non-Hosianism religion is Siedism. 4% of the population call themselves followers of this religion.

22 percent of the population - are atheists.

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