Department of Defence
Logo of the Department of Defence
Brimnesskogar House, the headquarters of the Department of Defence
Agency overview
FormedApril 11th, 3521
JurisdictionGovernment of Kazulia
Annual budget300b KKR
Minister responsible

The Department of Defence (Kazulianisk: Forsvarsdepartementet) is the department of the Government of Kazulia responsible implementing the defence policy set by the Government of Kazulia and is the headquarters of the Kazulian Armed Forces. The Department of Defence states that its principal objectives are to defend Kazulia and its interests and to strengthen international peace and stability. The Department of Defence manages day-to-day running of the defence forces, contingency planning and defence procurement.

History Edit

Posterior to the formation of the armed forces, it became clear to politicians and civil servants that greater coordinate between the defence force was needed in-order to reinforce the policies issued. Although an inter-services committee was formed to increase joint coordination between the branches of the defence force, it was not until 3578 was a government department formed to implement, create and enforce defence policies made within the Stortinget. The Department of Defence was created to exercise ministerial control and to co-ordinate defence matters.

As the years continued, the Department expanded its functions and founded various subordinate departments and services with the aim of increasing the operational effectiveness of the department. Soon, it quickly grew into its functions and became the most secretive government department, holding various national security secrets in the name of national security and the stability of the nation.

Departments and Organisation Edit

The Minister of Defence, appointed by the Statsminister is the head of the Department of Defence and by law has the authority, direction and control over the Department of Defence. The Department of Defence is composed of the Office of the Minister of Defence, the Chief of the Defence Staff and Joint Strategic Staff and several subordinate departments, offices and agencies.

Defence Departments Edit

  • Department for Joint Strategic Staff
  • Department for Security Policy
  • Department for Financial Management and Asset Control
  • Department for Strategic Competence and Legal Affairs
  • Department for General Development
  • Department for Veteran Affairs

National Intelligence Services Edit

There are several agencies of the Intelligence Community of Kazulia which are classified as subordinate organisations of the Department of Defence. These are national-level intelligence services that operate under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defence. They fulfil their respective tasks in accordance with the national security policy established by the government and war planners and also assist agencies outside of the Department of Defence including the Central Committee for Intelligence and Special Operations and the Security Bureau. By law, the Department of Defence manages the nation's coordinating authorities and assets in disciplines of signals intelligence, geospatial intelligence, and measurement and signature intelligence, and also builds, launches and operates the Intelligence Community's satellite assets.

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