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Deviano de Hesperio

In office
4473 – 4477
Serving with
PAJ Social Liberal Wing

Assumed office 
Serving with
PAJ Social Liberal Wing
Preceded by
Alexandrej Apote
PAJ SocLib/ClsLib Majority

31 October 4444
Kašicgrad, Tokundi
Political party

Deviano Christiano de Hesperio is a Coburan politician and State Secretary. He was elected Representative in the House for his constituency Severnacrkva in 4473.

In the House, he covered policy on Defence personel, veterans's affairs, defence material affairs, national service, weapons industry and of course the affairs of his constituency. He became known after filing a motion for the House to take over the 4475 Defence Central Labour Agreement (DEFCLA) negotiations on behalf of the army personel, after the defence labour union Cosea was accused of neglect and corruption in the negotiations. The motion passed, and for the first time an incumbent representative of the House led CLA negotiations. Finally, an agreement was made and nationwide strikes stopped: all army personel was promised an 8% wage raise against 6% inflation in the same year.

In 4477, his succes as representative made him popular among army personel, which made him a valuable ally for Asilaria Metamtote when she defeated then Prime Minister Akron Mayshe in a heated race for the Red Keep. His support to her campaign was later 'rewarded' with his appointment as State Secretary of National Service. In his tenure, he proposed the famous National Service Limitations Act, that shortened the conscription time for citizens between 18 and 28 with one year, from 3 years to 2 years.

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