Diallo's Cabinet
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69th Cabinet of the Istalian Empire
Alice Diallo.png
Date formedFebruary 4878
Date dissolvedJanuary 4881
People and organisations
EmperorTommaso II
Prime MinisterAlice Diallo
Deputy Prime MinisterIsabella Biondolillo
Member partiesSE, CL
Status in legislatureCoalition Government (February - April 4878), Caretaker G0vernment (4878 - 4881)
Opposition partiesS&D, LA, ND, PNDFCN, PNI
Election(s)December 4877, May 4878, October 4880
SuccessorPalmieri II

Diallo's Cabinet was a Government of the Istalian Empire led by Prime Minister Alice Diallo.

After the elections of 1973 the PNI-FCN Coalition lost the majority, but tensions between the former opposition made it impossible for the Eco-left to form a government under Alice Diallo's presidency. After the December 4877 Elections the Eco-Left finally formed a government with the newly emerged Coalition of the Future. After the dissolution of the last one in April 4878 the government lost the majority and the possibility to implement any planned reform.

The cabinet was equally composed, with 7 women, 5 men and 1 non-binary person. 2 of the ministers had istalo-majatran oringins, and one had other ethnic minority origins. 2 members of the cabinet were openly LGBT+/Queer

Composition[edit | edit source]

Ministry Occupant Party
Office of the Prime Minister Imperial Secretary of State Alice Diallo Eco-Left
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Isabella Biondolillo Coalition of the Future
Ministry of Internal Affairs Michelangelo Lai Eco-Left
Ministry of Finance Linda Romulano Eco-Left
Ministry of Defence Baldassarre Calvano Coalition of the Future
Ministry of Justice Oreste Mazzullo Coalition of the Future
Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Mauree Tagoe Eco-Left
Ministry of Health and Social Services Piersandro Haddad Eco-Left
Ministry of Education, Culture and Equal Opportunities Emily Shalhoub Eco-Left (Equality Now)
Ministry of Science and Technology Ramiro Casciani Coalition for the Future
Ministry of Food and Agriculture Lisa Calabrone Eco-Left
Ministry of Environment and Biodiversity Silvia di Marino Eco-Left
Ministry of Trade and Industry Oliviera Pilla Coalition of the Future
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