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Diana Lilliath

Member of the Imperial Diet
Assumed office 

Political party
Politician, lawyer

Diana Lilliath is a Luthorian politician and member of the Communist Party of Luthori. She is the daughter of Jack Lilliath.

Biography Edit

Diana Lilliath is the daughter of Jack Lilliath, the former leader of the CPL and Sarah Lilliath. She studied history at the University of Sandulka for 1 year but dropped out to study law for 3 years at the same university. She became a lawyer for 2 years, until she became elected deputy in the Imperial Diet in 4604.

Her political career has been really stable so far. She never reached any ministerial posts, stating that she was "not interested" but rather tried to get elected President of the Republic. She failed five times: in 4622, 4623, 4624, 4628 and 4632. Despite reaching the second round at every election. This might be explained by the fact that a lot of far-right parties in Luthori are calling not to vote for the CPL candidate at the presidential election.

She also tried to become the leader of the CPL, failing in 4621, 4626 and 4631.

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