Dictator of the Republic of Selucia
Dictator Rei Gerundae Causa
Dictator Seditionis Sedandae et Rei Gerundae Causa
Dictator Legibus Faciendis et Rei Publicae Constituendae Causa

Standard dictator
Standard of the Dictator

Octavia Flavia Hadriana, the last Dictator of Selucia
February 9, 3848 April 1, 3849

Term length
pre-modern era: 6 months
modern era: 4 years
Inaugural holder
Iulianus Capraeus
Final holder
The Dictator of Selucia (fem. Dictatrix) is an extraordinary magistrature in Selucia that holds the absolute authority to perform tasks beyond the power of the Senate and Consuls. The office of Dictator was initially established in 1799 during the Unification of Selucia, and was continued, with interruptions, to the present day. Most recently the office was reestablished as part of the 3838 Constitution.

When the office was first established, it did not carry negative connotations, however the right of the office to wield absolute power has made its name a synonym for oppressive and/or abusive rule. Outside Selucia there have been few instances of titular use of the office, with notable exceptions in Tukarali and Talmoria.

Dictator Caius Cassius Sophus established a special militia called the Dictatorial Guard to protect the Dictator and the Republic. His successor in the office, Octavia Flavia Hadriana, reformed the militia into the Republican Guard, but with largely the same function.

It was abolished in 4138 under the Government of Aelius Celer, in collaboration with Consul Tera Pisthis.

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