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Direct Democrats
Syldavian nameKözvetlen Demokraták
Zergonese nameIzravna Demokratska
ChairmanSzabad Jónás
Vice ChairmanBoros Szimonetta
Supreme Vote-CounterSurányi Noémi
Decision-Making BodyParty Congress
Executive BoardParty Leadership
FoundersAntall Róbert
Tóth Ferdinánd
Balogh Márkó
Founded29th of December, 4733
Preceded byRepublic Party
Republican Federation
Headquarters15 Glory Street, I. District, Hugamest
NewspaperIndependent Endralon, The Liberal Economist
Think tankMultinational Company for Civil Liberties
Student wingDemocratic Education Action
Youth wingYouth Direct Democrats
Women's wingDirect Feminism
Membership  (4821)Increase2,658,120


Political positionCentre to centre-left
International affiliationMultinational Organization for Directorialism
Colors     Teal
Slogan"With the people, directly"
Republican Senate
74 / 250
Council of Grand Directors
6 / 13
Mayor Directors
2 / 5

The Direct Democrats (Syldavian: Közvetlen Demokraták; Zergonese: Izravna Demokratska) is an economically liberal and socially/culturally progressive political party in Endralon and the founding party of the Directorial Republic in Endralon.


The Republican Federation, the official predecessor of the Direct Democrats was a military coalition in the Second Endralonian Civil War.

The other official predecessor was the Republic Party (Syldavian: Köztársaságpárt) what dissolved in March, 4735 and reorganized as the Direct Democrats.


This is a list from the cabinets where the direct democrats took part.

Tóth I Cabinet
Antall I Cabinet
Antall II Cabinet
Antall III Cabinet
Antall IV Cabinet
Tóth II Cabinet
Edy I Cabinet
Edy II Cabinet
Edy III Cabinet
Fazekas I Cabinet
Fazekas II Cabinet
Fazekas III Cabinet
Fazekas IV Cabinet
Kovács I Cabinet
Bártfai I Cabinet
Juhász I Cabinet
Juhász II Cabinet
Vincze II Cabinet
Benett I Cabinet
Tamás I Cabinet
Szűcs I Cabinet
Szekeres I Cabinet
Szűcs II Cabinet
Szűcs III Cabinet


Reigning time Party Chairman Party Vice Chairman Supreme Vote-Counter
4733 - 4738 Antall Róbert beszéd közben.jpg Ferdinand Toth.jpg Szekeresnoel.jpg
Tóth Ferdinánd
4738 - 4745 Edy András portréja.jpg
Antall Róbert Edy András Szekeres Noel
4745 - 4764 Krenkatalin2.jpg Boros Greta.jpeg Kromgyula.jpg
Krén Katalin Boros Gréta Króm Gyula
4764 - 4789 Magvasmanuel.png Martonpanna.jpg Krenkatalin2.jpg
Magvas Mánuel Márton Panna Krén Katalin
4789 - 4812 Martonpanna.jpg Nemesbertalan-2.png Aproddonat.png
Márton Panna Nemes Bertalan Apród Donát
4821 - present Szabadjonas.jpg Borosszimonetta.jpg Suranyinoemi.jpg
Szabad Jónás Boros Szimonetta Surányi Noémi


The Party Congress of the party is mass meetings and hustings with every people who want to influence the policies of the Direct Democrats except the Far-Right people, the monarchists, ultra-conservatives, chauvinists or fascists.

There is three informal faction in this hustings what offer different policies. The people can't elect one from the factions directly, but the people can elect their proposals. The faction usually love and respect each other and they form the party leadership commonly without problems or conflicts.

The three factions and they leaders:

  • Progressive and social democrat faction (Márton, Deák, Apród);
  • Socialistic, communistic and labor faction (Beöthy);
  • Neo-republican and globalist faction (Nemes, Török, Soós).