The Disciples of Eliyahu, also referred to as the Hosioithe Twelve or the Apostles, in Hosianism, are considered to be the twelve first and foremost among those who followed the teachings of Elijah Hosios, specially called to their ministry by Him and taught first with His teachings. Many Hosian denominations, especially within Patriarchalism, claim direct succession and descent from the faith first taught and spread around the world by the Twelve Apostles.

The Twelve are:

  1. Michael Vigilius (Peter)
  2. Faithful Thomas (Thomas)
  3. Joseph the Annunciant (John)
  4. Theodore (Matthew)
  5. Jona (Simon)
  6. Josiah (Jude Thaddeus)
  7. Onan (Judas Iscariot)
  8. Zebedeus (Bartholomew)
  9. David (Philip)
  10. Isaac (James the Greater)
  11. Abraham the Just (James the Less)
  12. Stephen (Andrew)
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