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Dolgovas konservatīvā partija
Leader Viljo Lippmaa
Founded 4678
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Aikums, Dolgavia
Nation Dolgava
Ideology ConservatismMonarchism
Political Position Center-Right
International Affiliations {{{international}}}
Colours Blue, White
Website KonservativesforDolgavia.dol
Dolgovas konservatīvā partija (Dolgavian Conservative Party) is a Right-Center Monarchist Political party founded by Viljo Lippmaa in 4678. The party stands for the monarchy and for less regulations in Dolgavia. They want a less regulated improved economy and strive for Conservative values.
Party Leaders
Name: Portrait: From: To:
Vilijo Lipmaa
Marika Pihlak
2nd mp2

Elīzabeta Pavlovske  

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