Administrative status
Mayor N/A
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Region Kozaria
Nation Darnussia

Doressa is the capital of Kozaria and is it's largest city. The capital of the Darnussian and Narik Union is often changed between Doressa and Merenburg. It is a port city and an important trade city for Darnussian companies.

History[edit | edit source]

Doressa is known for being the birthplace of Darntus I, who was born in 735AD when is was a city-state.

Under the Kingdom of Darnussia, Doressa remained the capitol of the new Duchy of Doressa, until 1375, when the Duke was granted Alkavon as a fief as well, and sought a more central capitol at Red Stad. Even after Alkavon and Kozaria were re-seperated, the capitol of Kozaria remained Red Stad.

Doressa, however, continued to grow economically and culturally, as the most important city on the Darnussian Mainland. By the Eighteenth Century, it was popularly considered second only to Merenbürg in importance - so much so, that when the monarchy was overthrown in the Brief Revolution, it was to Doressa, rather than Red Stad, that the King fled to rebuild his armies.

Despite Doressa's importance, Red Stad was proving even more important, as the Industrial Revolution reshaped all of Darnussia. Red Stad's location was far more favorable to early industrial plants, and transportation advances reduced the advantages of Doressa's harbor. By the turn of the Twenty-first century, Doressa was considered a city in decline, perhaps irretrievably so, as crime skyrocketed and the economy fell.

In 2323, Doressa suddenly found itself the capital of the nation, albeit under Deltarian occupation, after the nuclear strike on Red Stad. After the Deltarian withdrawal, millions of DAR had been invested in the city, reshaping it into a more modern center for the bureaucratic needs of the nation; an investment the new Darnussian Democratic Republic was loathe to abandon unnecessarily, as it sought to rebuild the rest of the nation.

Doressa remained the capital until the latter days of the Second Civil War, when an airstrike reduced much of the city's heart to rubble. When the United Republic was formed, it moved the capital back to Merenbürg, mainly because there was no other suitable choice to be found.

After the war, Doressa was rebuilt, however, and resumed its role as Darnussia's most important port city, and as a financial powerhouse. In 3039, with the rise of the Second DDR and Merenburgs destruction in the Darnussia-Keymon War, Doressa was re-instated as the capital city.

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