Garber-Huffmann Building
Central District, Haldor
Type Military command center
Built September 9th, 3104
Built by Martin Garber and Wilhelm Huffmann
In use Yes
Current condition Pristine
Current owner Ministry of Defense (Dorvik)
Open to the public Yes

The Garber-Huffmann Building now more commonly known as the General Staff Building was once the home to the Dorvish Ministry of Defense before it moved to their current building on the outskirts of Haldor sometime in the early 3100's. It was once home to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Dorvik, since the reformation of the Dorvish military in the late 3800s, the building has been home to the Dorvish Supreme General Staff. Underneath State Chancellor Regismund von Petrov the Dorvish Ministry of Defense and the Supreme General Staff moved to the Garber-Huffman building together, the move was meant to centralize the defensive efforts of the Dorvish military.

The building is also known to have attack and defense capabilities and sources state that in case of emergency the building has civil defense provisions, mainly for government and military officials. The Garber-Huffmann Building is named after the two architects who designed and built the building, each of them retired officers in the Dorvish Army. The building is located near Staatsplatz, Central District of Haldor.

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