Isthmus Coast
Isthmus Küste / Šaurums Krānts
  1629 - 1700   Schoorvestenflag1.png
KDMCflag              Double Headed Eagle of Dorvik - Kingdom of Dorvik Coat of Arms

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Lang leben der König (Long live the King)
Capital                     Prinz Raimundshafen
Languages             Dundorfian, Lorman, Banmek
Demonym                Isthmusians
Government           Colonial charter company
First                           Hermann von Bismarck (1629 - 1638)
Last                           Dietrich Krebs (1698 - 1700)

Legislature             Governor's Council
Area                          ~90,000 km²
Population               ~150,000 (Dorvish colonists)
Currency                 Dorvish Dolgar

The Isthmus Coast (Dundorfian: Isthmus Küste, Lorman: Šaurums Krānts) was the general name for the Dorvish colonial holdings in modern day Vanuku. Other popular names at the time were the Isthmus Colony and Dorvish Majatra. The colony was managed by the Royal Dorvish Majatran Company (Dundorfian: Königliche Dorvisch-Majatrische Compagnie), a charter company founded by several Dorvish nobles and merchants. Contrary to for example the Luthorans the Dorvish did not annex the lordships and duchies in Vanuku. This policy was the work of Hermann von Bismarck, who convinced the King of Dorvik this was the wisest approach, arguing that Dorvik lacked the resources to annex the reasonably civilized nations on Majatra. They instead focused on establishing trading posts and building towns and harbours around them, the company policy promoted business and cultural exchange with the locals. This in turn caused the form of Vanukeaans, a language forged through the mixture of Dundorfian and Brmek. In 1700 the colonial holdings were sold to the Archduchy of Banstill for 8000 Marks.

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