The Dorvish State League (Dundorfian: Dorvisch Staatsliga) commonly known as the Staatsliga (Luthorian: State league) is the top level Dorvish football league. It is the largest of the Dorvish football leagues. All football leagues are managed by the Dorvish Football Association (Dundorfian: Dorvisch Fußball-Bund) which is the governing body of football in Dorvik. Staatsliga season's run from March to October, which are notably the warmer months in Dorvik, its matches are mostly played on Saturdays and Sundays and have one of the highest average attendance's in Artania. Staatsliga has X teams competing and uses a system of promotion and relegation to maintain its membership, 2. Staatsliga is the secondary league that is beneath the primary Staatsliga.

The Dorvish State League is a member of the Dundorfian Football Confederation.


Full team name & Short name Location Stadium Capacity
Fußball-Club Vilnau e.V
FC Vilnau
Vilnau, Greater Kordusia 47,283
Layern Großengeismar 11 Fußball GmbH
Layern Großengeismar
Großengeismar, Largonia 43,960
Fußball-Club Kordusien Haldor
Kordusien Haldor
Haldor, Greater Kordusia Haldor Stadium 75,000
Verein für Bewegungsspiele Küssingen
VfB Küssingen
Küssingen, Westmark 66,532
Fußball- und Sportverein Königheim
FSV Königheim
Königheim, Miktar 58,384
Fußballverein 85 Vinisk
FV Vinisk
Vinisk, Dorvan 43,382
Sportverein Schwarzenbüren
SV Schwarzenbüren
Schwarzenbüren, Largonia 49,484
Sportgemeinschaft Fairfax
SG Fairfax
Fairfax, Dorvan 59,548
Fußballverein Hauzenwald
FC Hauzenwald
Hauzenwald, Greater Kordusia 65,834
Fußballverband der pensionierten Soldaten
Haldor, Greater Kordusia 68,347
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