Dorvish State Railways
Dorvische Staatbahn
Dorvish State Railway
Type Aktiengesellschaft (AG)
Joint-stock Company
Traded as DSE: ADBX
Industry Transportation, Logistics
Founded 2017 (Dorvische Staatsbahn)
4153 (Allgemeine Dorvische Bahn)
Headquarters Grundghof Strasse 58, 97655 Haldor, Kordusia
Key people General-Director
Services Public Transport
Owners Dorvish government (99.00%)
Employees (1.00%)
Employees 87.000

Dorvish State Railways AG (Dundorfian: Dorvische Staatbahn) formerly known as the Common Dorvish Railways (Dundorfian: Allgemeine Dorvische Bahn AG) commonly known as the Staatbahn (Luthoran: State Railway) is the national railway operator of Dorvik. The Dorvish Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport operates the Dorvish State Railway and is responsible for the Dorvish Railway Police alongside the Dorvish Police. The Dorvish State Railways operates all the major railways in Dorvik, the Dorvish State Railway cooperates with smaller railway companies in localities to ensure universal standards and operation.

The Dorvish State Railways nominally act independent with their own Management Board and Supervisory Board. The focus for the Dorvish State Railways has always been to ensure the highest quality service for all Dorvish citizens but lately the focus has been on updating and renovating the existing railways in the Dorvish state. The DSR is responsible for management and standards of all Dorvish railways, which serves as one of the primary means of domestic transportation as well as a focal point of trade between Aloria and Kirlawa.

In 4153 a decision was made by the Ministry of Trade and Industry along with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport that the Dorvische Staatsbahn will be replaced with Allgemeine Dorvische Bahn; the decision was eventually reversed following the restoration of the Dorvish Republic.


  • Dorvish-Southern Dovani Railway (Dundorfian: Dorvisch-Suddovanischen Eisenbahn) 55% ownership, 45% Talmorian government
  • Narik and Darnussian State Railways (Dundorfian: Narik und Darnussischen Staatbahn) 49% ownership, 51% Narikaton and Darnussian government[1]


  1. [1] Dorvish State Railways forms "Narik and Darnussian State Railways" to centralize railway construction. January, 4338
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