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Dranian Civil War
From bottom right; counter-clockwise: Declaration of the Provisional Government; a tank passes a girl in Myeoggi; the Storming of the Government Palace; White Army troops in Eljang; the Fall of Gongmangdo
*UCCRReverse.pngRed Army
*Redguardflag.pngRed Guards
Flag of Dankuk.png Black Movement
*Flag of Dankuk.pngPGDF
*Flag of Dankuk.png Black Army

KyoRouge.pngFree Territory
Red Army victory; dissolution of the Dranian Federation

The Dranian Civil War (August 23, 4929 - March 1, 4931) was a multi-party civil war in the former Dranian Federation immediately after the August Revolution, as many factions vied to determine Dankuk's political future. The two largest combatant groups were the Red Army, fighting for the form of Communism led by Yoon Seok-Jin; and the loosely allied forces known as the Black Army, which included diverse interests favoring political nationalism, liberal capitalism, fascism, monarchism, and democratic socialism. In addition, other militant groups, notably Free Territory anarchists and various ethnic Nationalists, fought against and with both the Reds and the Blacks.

After the revolution the Communists swept through Dankuk nearly unopposed. The Federation had collapsed after the Rowis were given all political power, leaving no solid resistance to the Reds. On August 23rd, the Black Flag Leagues began to revolt; kickstarting the Civil War. Shortly after; the Black-aligned Provisional Government of the Dranian Federation formed and exerted influence across the south; seeing the reduction of the Reds to most of North and parts of Central Dankuk. In spring of the following year, Augusto Chavez launched a coup to take control of the Dranian State, establishing a de facto military dictatorship in the province of Ulbraca. Meanwhile; various elements of the Kyo Rouge insurrection took sides in the fighting; though the main branch embraced Anarchism and established the Free Territory in Reuni. The Free Territory would eventually side with the Blacks.

Following a series of decisive Red Campaigns; the Blacks were driven to the province of Eljang and subsequently defeated with Operation Red October. The war ended with the fall of Gongmangdo; a red victory; the recognition and consolidation of the UCCR; and the dissolution of the last vestiges of the Dranian Federation.