The Dranian Peninsula is a peninsula located in northwestern Dovani. The entirety of the peninsula is controlled by Dankuk and it covers an area of 1,201,800 km². The peninsula is surrounded by the North Anantonese Ocean to the east and by the Arctic Ocean to the north.

Etymology Edit

The name of the peninsula is derived from the Egelian Drania, the name provided to the region during colonization in the 1700s. While the name is no longer used for the nation inhabiting the peninsula, it has been accepted as the geographical term for the region. In the native Kyo language it is translated as Danbando (단반도). Some also refer to the peninsula by the name, Kyobando (쿄반도), which carries political connotations relating to Kyo nationalism and the Great Kyo Revolution of 3608.

Prior to the arrival of Egelian colonists, records indicate that the peninsula may have been known as Chanbando (찬반도), meaning "cold peninsula" in the native Kyo language.

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