Total population 96 Million
Regions with significant populations Dankuk: 96 Million
Language Draniano
Religion Aurorian Hosian, Sindo-Daenism
Related ethnic groups Egelian, Kyo
The Dranianos are the largest ethnic group in Dankuk. Most Dranianos identify as multi-ethnic as their origins are a mix of Egelian and Kyo. Some Dranianos are a mix of Kyo and Draddwyr or Kazulian. The Dranianos compose over a third of the population of Dankuk.

History Edit

The population that would become known as the Dranianos first began to emerge after the arrival of Egelian colonists on the Dranian Peninsula. Under Egelian Drania, many native Kyo intermarried with the Egelians, leading to the emergence of a significant mixed-race population.

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