Dreton County


Country Kazulia
Regional capital Tromhalsen
  Governing body Parliament of Dreton
  Minister-President Hans Gregersen
  Ruling party(s) NLP
Area 203,100 km²
Population 19,901,013

Dreton is a country which is apart of the Kingdom of Kazulia. It is the only country of Kazulia to share a common border with all other countries. It is bordered by Agatha to the North, Hent to the South-West, Flindar to the West and Kelvon to the South. Dreton forms a part of the Kazulian-Ostlandic border since Ostland sits directly to Dreton's east. The country covers around 23% of the landmass of Kazulia and is the second largest country of the Kingdom of Kazulia after Hent. The Skalm Capital Territory is an enclave within the state. Dreton's state capital is Tromhalsen.

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The Government of Dreton embodies the governmental structure of the State of Dreton as established in the Constitution of Dreton. It is composed of three branches: executive, legislature and judiciary.


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