Federal Republic of Dundorf

Bundesrepublik Dundorf (Dundorfian)
Dundof Commonwealth Dundorf Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Dundorf
Location of Dundorf

'Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit' (Dundorfian)
("Unity and justice and freedom")

Anthem "Dundorflied"
(and largest city)
  others Majatran
29% Hosian
Dundorfian Ameliorate
60% Irreligious
7% Ahmadi
2% Esintsundu Syncretic
1% Hobrazian Orthodox
Ethnic Groups
85% Dundorfian
6% Badaran
4% Ibutho-Hawu
2% Draddeg
1% Kilani
1% Duntrekker
1% Hobrazian
Demonym Dundorfian
Government Federal Republic
  Legislature Federal Diet
Federal President Tomas Fernsehen
Federal Chancellor Ilse Schott
Area 900,000 km²
Population 99,776,668 (4350) 
2,492,171,659,675 DUM (4350)
  per capita 24,977 DUM (4350)
Established April 4358
Currency Dundorfian Mark (DUM)
Time Zone GMT -1
  summer GMT 0
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +03
Internet TLD .dun
Organizations World Congress
Artanian Union
Dundorf, officially know as Fourth Federal Republic of Dundorf (Dundorfian: Vierte Bundesrepublik Dundorf), is a nation located at the center of Artania. It is bordered by Aloria and Kirlawa to the north, Ibutho to the south, the Kundrati Union to the east, and Rutania to the west.

Dundorf is ranked the forty-sixth most populated country in the world with 99,627,235 people. Dundorf has several major cities, including the more recent Albrunn, the historical capital of Zerlin and several other major cities.

Dundorf, despite its impressive cultural and political history is a land-locked nation located at the heart of Artania. Dundorf is the home to the Dundorfian culture and has major cultural influence in Dorvik, Rutania, Aloria and smaller influence in Kirlawa and other portions of the world, notably in the Northern Hemisphere. Dundorf has a special place as one of the largest empires to exist on Artania, the Dundorfian Kingdom and Dundorfian Reich had hegemony over Northern Artania where it shared common ground with the Holy Luthori Empire. Dundorf has a colorful history, mostly divided and comprised of fierce nationalism, monarchism and radical left-wing ideologies. The foundation of Communism by Karlstein Metz and the foundation of National Socialism underneath Reinhold Scharff and his Dundorfian National Socialist Movement. Dundorf has shared in several civil wars and the modern era of Dundorf has been plagued with right-wing and left-wing governments trading places.

Dundorf is ranked as one of the worlds leading economies, however Dundorf has suffered from years and constant shifts in economic policy from state control to free market. Despite this, Dundorf maintains a GDP of 2,609,218,678,818 DUM with a per capita GDP of 26,910 DUM. Dundorf has an incredibly powerful light and heavy industrial sector and is seen widely as one of the worlds largest agricultural powers due to it's relatively temperate climate. Dundorf, despite being landlocked serves as a huge trading hub for Artanian and several cities in Dundorf are widely known for their hubs of Artanian companies. Dundorf is also a member of the Artanian Union.

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