Dundorfian Empire
Dundorfisches Reich
Flag of Dunorfreich       1924 - 1948       Flag of Dunorfreich
Flag of Dunorfreich              DDR COA

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Gott mit uns
"God with us"
Hymn to the Kaiser
Dundorfian Empire better map
Capital                     Dunberg
Largest city            Dunberg
Languages             Dundorfian
Denonym                Dundorfian
Government           Constitutional monarchy
- Kaiser                    Friedrich Wilhelm II (first)
                                Georg Wilhelm VI (last)
- Chancellor      -
Legislature             Reichstag
- Total                        -
- Per Capita               -
Area                          893,400 km
Population               99,619,085
Currency                 Dundorfian Mark
Drives on                 right
Internet TLD            .ddr

Dundorfian Reich (Dundorfian: Dundorfisches Reich) was a state which encompassed the modern Northern Artanian nations of Dorvik in the north, Rutania and Aloria in the west and Kirlawa in the east. The Dundorfian Reich, translated often to Dundorfian Empire but really closer to Dundorfian Realm was one of the largest empires within world history. The Dundorfian Empire was founded officially on June 21st, 1831 but existed much earlier in theory and concept. The Dundorfian Empire was ruled by a hereditary Emperor, known as the Dundorfian Emperor, the Dundorfian Emperor was one the most powerful figures in Artania and the Dundorfian Empire is responsible for much of the development of Northern Artania. The Dundorfian Empire has its roots in the numerous Dundorfic tribes which populated the area.

The first Dundorfian Emperor, known as the Kasier in Dundorfian was Hosian V von Klings who became Kasier Hosian VI. It was the Emperor's decision to continue the usage of coronation names instead of starting a new with a new title. Kasier Hosian VI was an autocrat and attempted to solidify more powers in the hands of the Emperor but was checked by a very powerful Reichstag, which became the parliament of the newly founded Dundorfian Empire. The Dundorfian Empire lasted officially until 1923 when the First Dundorfian Civil War broke out. Although the Empire lasted until 1924 the Empire was gone much sooner, the Kasier Georg Wilhelm VI abdicated on March 8th, 1922 and a regency council reigned in his place until a total collapse in 1924.


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