— People's State (Volksland, Volksland) of Dundorf —
People's State (Volksland, Volksland) Flag
Map of Dunlake
Country Dundorf
Capital Nordenhaus
- Volksgouverneur (People's Governor, Volksgouverneure)
- Governing party
- Legislature

Karl Sterb
Libertäre Kommunistische Partei
Dunlake Volksrat
Population 19,882,204
Area 223,800 km2

Dunlake is a People's State (Dundorfian: Volksland, Narik: Volkland) in the nation of Dundorf. Its major cities are Nordenhaus, it's regional capital, Oberegg, Groß-Rudolfskirchen, and Vögelberg. It has 150 seats in the Volkskammer. The State is further divided into the four provinces of Nordenhaus, Oberegg, Groß-Rudolfskirchen, and Vögelberg, each centered on their namesake cities.


The Volksland of Dunlake is in the area of the former region of Dunlake. Some version of local government has existed in the region since the beginning of Dundorf, however the region in its current form was established in March 4759 with the passing of the Power of the People's States - Macht der Volksländer - Macht van de Volkslanden which established the composition and powers of the Volksländer.

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The State is lead by People's Governor Karl Sterb, a member of the LKP who was elected to the office in 4759. Sterb and his cabinet hold executive powers within the region of Chontalen, they can determine the budgets and taxation within the State.


The State is lead by the People's Council which is elected every two years at the same time as the national elections. The Volksrat holds all legislative power within the State and consists of 150 seats. As of 4762 all 150 seats are held by the LKP.


The state has courts in each commune and further courts in each province and a state wide court system. At all levels the judges are elected by their constituents and serve four year terms.



The State is currently only represented by the LKP who holds all offices in the State. The state has a history of supporting both left and right wing parties, but leans more to the left.

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