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Dwayne Loops

Member of the Imperial Diet
In office
4722 – 3 July 4765

In office
4733 – 9 November 4763
Preceded by

City councillor in New Salem
In office
4715 – 4725

Imperator of the Holy Luthorian Empire
In office
12 February 4756 – 16 July 4762

Political party
Politician, lawyer

Dwayne Loops (4690-4774) was a Luthorian politician and was the leader of the Communist Party of Luthori from 4733 until its dissolution in 4763.

Biography Edit

Early years (4690-4733) Edit

Dwayne Loops was born in a poor family in Middenriding in 4690. He became worker at a steel factory in 4710. He joined the CPL in 4712 and got elected city councillor in New Salem in 4715. In 4720 he is re-elected.

In the 4722 election, he is elected in the constituency of Orange. He is know for his speaking skills and its determination.

He is candidate at the CPL leadership elections of 4718, 4723, 4728 and finally 4733 where he wins the election after the second round with 56.15 % of the votes.

Ascension (4733-4762) Edit

Under his presidency the CPL gradually improved its electoral result. Loops took a hard-line and refused to compromise with other parties.

In 4751, the CPL enters in the short-lived Dalton I Cabinet whose main objective was to oust the previous cabinet out of power.

In January 4754, he proclaims himself President for Life of the CPL which started a wave of opposition in the party.

In 4756 and 4757, Dwayne Loops wins the imperatorial election and becomes Imperator of the Holy Luthorian Empire.

The CPL electoral results kept improving and in 4758, the CPL formed the left-wing authoritarian Dalton II Cabinet with the Purple Guard. The cabinet proclaimed the national-communist revolution.The cabinet passed nationalist and communist policies that shaped the history of Luthori.

The fall (4762-4763) Edit

In the next election, the party makes its worst result since 111 years. Dwayne Loops only gains 11.32 % of the votes at the imperatorial election. Its worst result since its first election in 4739.

After this defeat, the Dalton II Cabinet is replaced by the Kennedy I Cabinet.

The board of the CPL asked that the President for Life Dwayne Loops resigns from its office. Loops answered that he is president for life and that he is the only one to decide. After that, the board members of the CPL unanimously decided to dissolve the party. "We can't continue with a dictatorial leadership. This party deserved better than that and we're very sorry. But we have to take this decision." said Peter Dalton. From November 4763, the former CPL MP sit as independents.

Late years (4763-4774) Edit

Dwayne Loops retired in a comfortable manor after the fall of the Communist Party.

He died at the age of 84 in 4774.

Political positions Edit

Dwayne Loops is known for its radical positions. He is a revolutionary communist and does not think that the way to communism is necessary democracy. He wants to nationalise almost all big industries to give the "power to the people", he wants Luthori to take radical steps to stop climate change and reduce CO2 emissions to zero and wants an education system entirely owned by the state without any inequalities.

He supports Luthori having a strong military and does not oppose the production of nuclear weapons like Graham Philips. He is one of the least progressive CPL-leaders and has sometimes been described as conservative. He nonetheless opposes the "far-right and fascist" parties.

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