National Socialist Revolutionary Association
Εθνικοκοινωνικός Επαναστατικός Σύνδεσμος
LeaderAristotelis Symeonidis
Founded21 June 4695
HeadquartersHelios, Kalopia
NewspaperGolden Dawn
Student wingYouth Front
Youth wingKalopian Youth League
Membership  (4698)7,128,349
IdeologyKalopian Nationalism

National Conservatism
Economic Nationalism
Right-wing Populism
Social Conservatism
National Socialism

Political positionfar-right
extreme right-wing
Slogan"Kalopia belongs to Kalopians"
Anthem"The Last Faithful Ones"
Vouli of Kalopia
120 / 300
Local Governors
4 / 5
10 / 13
Election symbol
ETHES symbol
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Politics of Kalopia
Political parties
[[Category:Political parties in {{{state}}}]]The National Socialist Revolutionary Association (ETHES) (Kalopian: "Εθνικοκοινωνικός Επαναστατικός Σύνδεσμος") is a fascist and neo-nazi, far-right political organisation in Kalopia.

History Edit

Foundation Edit

Aristotelis Symeonidis founded the party on the 21st of June 4695. It was described as an extrimist,far-right political movement inspired by the ideas of the Kalopian ethnic nationalism and fascism.

ETHES is viewed by many as the successor of the now dissolved national-conservative Eleftheri Patrida. The party aims to represent the political right in Kalopia despite being much more right-wing than the EP. Aristotelis Symeonidis, a military officer, is the Founder and the 1st Leader of the party and is the son of a former EP MP.

Many accuse the party of being neo-fasicst, ultranationalist and racist. Aristotelis Symeonidis does not reject these accusations and wants his party to change ultimately the nation by supporting ethnic Kalopians over the many minorities. He insists that the Right should be honest about its intentions. The failure of the Eleftheri Patrida to change Kalopia and its desolation created a shift to the extreme right-wing. Moderates joined other parties and the right sector of the former party created a new organization of the right, but this time with a clear ultraconservative fascist agenda.

4697 election Edit

In 4697 the party participated in the general election and became the largest party in the Vouli scoring 40.52% of the popular vote and secured 125 seats. Aristotelis Symeonidis became the Leader of the official Opposition in Kalopia. His charisma transformed ETHES from a fringe party into a serious force in the Kalopian political system.

Party logosEdit

ETHES 4695-present

Party Leaders Edit

Name Portrait Term Elected PM
1 Aristotelis Symeonidis
21 June 4695 - present 4700 - present

Presidental Candidates Edit

Name Portrait Term Elected
1 Klearhos Athanasiou
21 June 4695 - present 4700 - present

Electoral results Edit

Parliamentary elections Edit

Date Votes Seats Government Position
% Number +/- # +/-
4697 40.52 26,518,055 New
125 / 300
New In Opposition 1st
4700 40.29 25,376,325 Decrease0.23
120 / 300
Decrease 5 In Government 1st

Presidential Elections Edit

Year Candidate 1st round 2nd round Result
Votes % +/- Votes %
4697 Klearhos Athanasiou 26,987,200 41.17 New 26,936,730 43.01 Lost
4700 Klearhos Athanasiou 26,254,523 41.83 Increase 0.66 32,701,342 55.44 Won
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