The Early Fourth Congress of the Delegates of the Left for Progress Party (shortly just Fourth Congress) is the fourth, early and extraordinary congress of the ruling body of the LP.

The crisis Edit

With the disband of the Liberal Bloc and the Common Wealth Party 36 seats become vacant from the 150. The Cabinet had 2/3 majority from one moment to next. In August 4731 the Communists propose an early election.

Speeches Edit

First, Collot Emmillion made a small speech.

"My friends! There is a crisis in the country. If the God - in this situation the conservatives - want this an early election will be held. It is very fast, I know. But we must adapt this situation and get the most out of it. My internal fraction, the Social Democratic Fraction support the endorse of Mr. Philips. We need a true warrior, a warrior for the workers and poor people. I become the candidate for Foreign Affairs, if you, my friends, want it. We have dark times now but I believe that the Left will conquer! Because we all equals."

After Emmillion, Ella-Rose Hughes made a speech, too.

"The internal Centrist Fraction create a new motto for the LP. This will be our economical motto. Virtually, this words by Xander who use this words in a debate against the White Rose. Free trade with free strikes. This is our goal. Believe in the capitalism, but protecting the workers. [...] Mr. Martin is a person who supported by the conservatives. If we endorse him too, the chance to his win is very high. And we need a safe point in this chaos by the Far-Right."

First vote Edit

The first vote was about the endorse of candidates for President. The internal centrist win this with a tiny majority - this was the first really big victory of the Centrist Fraction within the LP. Maybe Emmillion was too confident about the first vote.

Candidates for the Cabinet Edit

The second vote was about nominate the Progress's candidates for the Cabinet.

The Social Democratic Fraction's proposal:

  • -, President
  • Xander Fletcher, Head of Government
  • Collot Emmillion, Foreign Affairs
  • Zach Clarke, Internal Affairs
  • William Hughes, Finance
  • Lillie Harvey, Defence
  • Hudson Pearce, Justice
  • Sami Cunningham, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Jake Black, Health and Social Services
  • Beau Hunter, Education and Culture
  • Casper Johnson, Science and Technology
  • Calvin Brooks, Food and Agriculture
  • Lewi Wattson, Environment and Tourism
  • Parker Wattson, Trade and Industry

The Centrist Fraction's proposal:

  • -, President
  • Ella-Rose Hughes, Head of Government
  • Jasmine Murray, Foreign Affairs
  • Baylee Barber, Internal AFFAIRS
  • William Hughes, Finance
  • William Fuller, Defence
  • Jessica Adams, Justice
  • Dakota Fuller, Infrastructure and Transport
  • Tom Nicholson, Health and Social Services
  • Harley Murphy, Science and Technology
  • Lauren West, Food and Agriculture
  • Vivien Guy, Environment and Tourism
  • Gail Bradford, Trade and Industry.

The second vote Edit

In the second vote the social democrats swept away the centrists. There is 412 votes with the social democrats and just 88 votes with the centrists.

Result Edit

The internal centrists had they biggest victory in congresses, but they had their biggest failure in congresses too. The Left for Progress prepared for the early election. If there is no early election, then the Fifth Congress of the Delegates may review the choice of the Early Fourth Congress.

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