Eastern Land Council
östlicher Landrat
Current Session
January, 4630
President of the Eastern Land CouncilMila von Berger, Eastern Hulstrian People's Party
Eastern Land Council Last electionJanuary, 4700
Meeting place
Eastern Land Council building
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The Eastern Land Council (Dundorfian: östlicher Landrat) is the unicameral legislature of the Grand Duchy of Ostland. It is a 250 member legislature that has elections for 150 of its members with the others being appointed by the Grand Duke of Ostland via a constitutional mechanic, similar to the appointments, if a seat is failed to be filled it is up to the Grand Duke to appoint the seat. The Eastern Land Council is lead by the President of the Eastern Land Council, selected from within the membership of the Eastern Land Council.

The Grand Duke ceremoniously opens the new sessions of the Eastern Land Council after the New Year and when elections are held. The Eastern Land Council is charged with creating legislation as it has legislative initiative, this is shared with the State Chancellor and the Grand Duke himself.


Elections in Ostland are held every 10 years. In order to be eligible for election to the Eastern Land Council, one must be at least 25 years of age, must be in good mental health and must have served previously in civil service or the military.

Candidates for the the Eastern Land Council must first be approved by their respective parties and then are subject to the approval of the Ministry of the Interior; notably the Bureau of Elections (Dundorfian: Wahlbüro) which is responsible for management, registration and the logistics of the elections.


The Eastern Land Council has several committees which are specific in nature to specialize and function as a means to check legislation and ensure it follows proper rules and procedures prior to a vote. Committee chairmanships are traditionally allotted to the largest political faction within the Eastern Land Council but not always, they are often used as bargaining chips for support.

  • Standing Committee of the Eastern Land Council
  • Committee on Economics and Finance
  • Committee on Infrastructure and Building
  • Committee on Security and Intelligence
  • Committee on the Defense of Ostland
  • Committee on Health, Social Services and Welfare
  • Committee on Sports and Youth

Presidents of the Eastern Land CouncilEdit

  • Heinz Stassen (Landbund) - November, 4479 through January, 4500
  • Befehlsleiter Anatol Hecht (OHVP) - January, 4500 through January, 4520
  • Befehlsleiter Janik Eisenstadt (VDKV PLC) - January, 4520 through January, 4550
  • Befehlsleiter Malte Stahl (VDKV PLC) - January, 4550 through January, 4570
  • Karla von Pölzl (OHV) - January, 4570 through January, 4610
  • Befehlsleiter Anton Lehr (VDKV PLC) - January, 4610 through January, 4620
  • Befehlsleiter Markus Kogler (VDKV PLC) - January, 4620 through January, 4630
  • Greta Steiner (OHV) - January, 4630 through January, 4660
  • Annalena von Hass (OHVP) - January, 4660 through January, 4690
  • Mila von Berger (OHVP) - January, 4690

Political parties and groupsEdit

Color Name Abbr. Ideology Seats
Political Leadership Corps


VDKV Conservative, Kaiserist 112
Osthulstriche Volkspartei
Eastern Hulstrian People's Party
OHVP/OVP National conservative, right-wing 70
Rural Association
LB Hulstrofascism 45
Östlicher Heimatverband
Eastern Homeland Association
OHV Liberal conservative, center-right 13
New Dawn
Atarashī yoake - 新しい夜明け
AY/NF Kunihito minority politics, right-wing, conservative 10
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