Cobura is a fully industrialized nation with its strong competitive in manufacturing and electronics. It is 19th largest economy in the Terra. The economy is mainly driven by exports of semiconductor and automobiles. Coburan energy is mainly generated by its own natural gas reserves, followed by nuclear, oil, and renewable energy.


Conventional 2nd industry consist 32% of the Coburan GDP. Main industry of Coburan Economy is electronics and automobiles manufacturing. Two industry consist 19% of total GDP, and include one of the largest corporations like Emmerson Electronics and Republic Motors. Also manufacturing industry includes machinery, chemicals, steel, and consumer products. Defense industry is another key industry of Cobura which supplied weapons for government during the long guerilla war.
Automobile Industry

Automobile factory in Egato


Most of energy of Cobura is produced by natural gas. Automobile and power generation in Cobura is mainly use its rich natural gas reserves. Nuclear energy consist 31% of power produced in Cobura. Renewable energy is another emerging industry, wind and solar power leading its development. Fuel for cars usually made from cheap domestic natural gas, which led strong stand of automoblie industry.


Transport policy of Cobura mainly foucs on automoblie, maintenance of roads and highways. Urban transport is mostly supported by roads and public transportation includes bus and subway system. Airliners connects major cities across the nation and foreign soil. Even though inter-district highways and railroads links almost every cities, airline industry is second largest industry of transport sector.

Science and TechnologyEdit

Major sector of coburan technological research is aerospace and robotics, which were developed from defense industry. Cobura build its own fighter jets, helicopter and attack aircrafts. Also Coburan Space Administration have launched several satellites with their own space launch vehicle. Robotics applied in numerous manufacturing factory, and several corporation and institution is working on advanced robots.

New Generation Fighter

Next Generation Fighter Program

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