During the first half of 4200s Jakania has been a communist state with all industry and business being owned and controlled by the state. After the economical liberalization of 4257 a program of privatization has begun, state-run industries being cut up and sold to private business and foreign actors. Most industry still remain in the hands of the state and the economy remains stagnant with little growth. The privatization effort has come under criticism with accusations of corruption being thrown at the reigning coalition.

Unlike other many nations Jakania has a sovereign wealth fund which is known as the Jakanian Investment Authority this fund has been drawn from tremendously to keep the government functioning during the periods of provisional government and political and financial instability.

Jakania has recently discovered that they are a part of a band of nations which actually have oil within their sovereign borders and territorial waters they have begun to invest in technologies to refine and process the oil and the Office of Natural Resources in the Ministry of Finance states that the process will be entirely completed by 6470 but the process has been stalled numerous times due to lack of funding and problems with contractors. Jakania has a nationalized company which handles all refining, processes, drilling and etc. when it comes to oil.

Jakania has a powerful agricultural industry in the south along the coast, agriculture remains one of the top industries in Jakania and is a primary export of the Jakanian economy. Alongside agriculture the Jakanian's have developed a growing a technology industry.

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