Economy of New Endralon/Kizenia

New Endralian/Kizenian Trade Center

Currency New Endralon Dollar
GDP 5733613858354 NED
GDP growth +3.2%
GDP per capita 57458,27 NED
Inflation +0.8
below poverty line
Gini coefficient 0,3335904
Labour force 61,364%
Unemployment 4,86%
Exports 1 243 856 634 NED
Export goods agricultural goods, industrial goods
Imports 1 036 635 943 NED
Import goods military goods
Public finances
Public debt +11 182 087 171
Budget surplus +9 970 630 899
Revenues 917 070 630 899 NED
Expenses 907 100 000 000 NED

General Info on the Economy Edit

The economy of New Endralon/Kizenia has had its ups and downs. Mainly due to the political strive between the decendents of the Endralonian colonists, the New Endralonians or Zyldavs, and the native Kizenians who both fought for dominance. A change back and forth from communism, socialism and capitalism on top of this has caused the financial and economic climate to be unfavourable for continued development. Since the founding of the Confederation and its reestablishment in 3712 the country has had a fair stable climate in which investors could invest and foreign businesses would come and settle in the country. The peace between the three nations in the Confederation of New Endralon, Kizenia and Kuzaki has created new trade and more social and economic mobility aswel as the increase of the mobility of goods and services across the Confederation.

Business EntitiesEdit

As the economy of New Endralon/Kizenia was formed by New Endrolian Kolonists the business entities are written in Endrolian. All companies are required to indicate their type in their name.

Name Type Notes
e.v. (egyéni vállalkozó) sole trader must be a natural person
e.c. (egyéni cég) sole venture a company registered by and consisting of one sole trader
bt. (betéti társaság) limited partnership requires one general partner with unlimited liability and one or more members with limited liability
kkt. (közkereseti társaság) general partnership all members have unlimited liability
kft. (korlátolt felelősségű társaság) limited liability company company without stocks, the most common company type
Nyrt. (nyilvánosan működő részvénytársaság) public limited company must be listed on a stock exchange
Zrt. (zártközűen működő részvénytársaság) privately held company not listed on stock exchange, otherwise the same as Nyrt.
szöv. (szövetkezet) cooperative
egyesülés interest grouping

Brief History Edit

From 3956 to 3960 there was chaos and disunity because of the inabillity to create a confederal government, this caused stagnation, underfunding and disunity. The disunity had as a side effect that the economic climate of the nation got worse and degraded fast due to the lack of cooperation and protectionism. Because of this foreign investors stayed away as they feared the effects of this ''anarchy'' would cause only losses to their investments. The creation of a government in 3960 caused the economy to increase and grow steadely until the investments came back with new trade deals with other countries causing the economy to bloom once more. Further more the stability that came after it has resulted in the creation of various jobs, new investors and improved social and economic mobility.

Economy per Province Edit

- Kuzaki / Endrafold: This province is the richest province in the nation. The province relies heavely on the shipping, finance and services markets. The banks, big corporations and insurence companies headquarters and major jobs in these areas are found in this province. Its also the most economicly developed province in the nation.

- Tilarnia: Is the province with the biggest population and the industrial and manufacturing heartland of the nation. Most of the goods are fabricated / produced in this province and moved to Endrafold / Kuzaki or Sodali / Zyldavia to be shipped off. Its main industries are all kinds of production from Intermediate goods to end products.

- Sodali / Zyldavia: As the main hub and first colonial terretory of the Endralonians and now the New Endralonians (or Zyldavs) the province has the best harbour of the nation and relies heavely on import and export to its neighbours and to the rest of the country. Zyldavia has a lot of urban cities in which most of the population live. This means that the economy is focused on services, trade, maritime industry (shipping, ship building). In the rural areas there is a large focus on argiculture. It is also a major tourist site for old colonial architecture.

- Kutohaderia: The province of Kutohaderia is the only province with a significant population in the mountains due to the high mineral resources that are available in the region. The mountains and the region itself provides water to all of the other regions and is a source for mineral water which can be tapped and sold. The mountains also hold abiotic resources such a copper, steel, silver and a little gold. It also provides biotic resources such as coal. The economy of the region is heavely based on the exploitation of mineral resources and the distribution of it. Tourism in this region is based primarily on snow sports, hiking and nature sight seeing.

- Tiania: Tiania is the southernmost province of the nation and produces around 80% of the nations agricultural output. It relies heavely on fishing, agriculture and some small trade that comes through its sea port from the south.

Company Name Logo Sector Employees Revenue Profit
Cosma și Enescu Nyrt
Chemicals 32.000 853 million 27 million
Busoftware kft
Software 31.000 753 million 22 million
Solozain kft
Security 76.000 574 million 24 million
Vulpe Masina Nyrt
Car Manufactoring 92.000 0,7 billion 22 million
Explorator Nyrt
Car Manufactoring 185.000 2,6 billion 73 million
QVO Nyrt
Consulting 7600 81 million 3,4 million
Cancon Zrt
Medical 82.000 833 million 61 million
Medialane Nyrt
Media 14.000 172 million 13 million
Linehouse Zrt
Architecting 21.000 94 million 8,3 million
Nechitas Nyrt
Travel 11.000 74 million 1,2 million
Onto-Casâ kft
Real Estate 4500 547 million 15 million
Ventodrill Nyrt
Recources 82.000 1 784 million 74 million
Luarea Nyrt
Manufacturing 67.000 2 183 million 89 million
Silver System International
. 13000 . .
Aircraft construction 130.000 63 million 7,3 million
Shipping 5600 8,5 million 1,4 million