University of Saridan

National Tower, an iconic building on the University of Saridan campus

Education in Saridan is centred around developing the character and skills of individual student. Rather than a focus on increasing breadth and depth of knowledge, pupils learn to "practice self-mastery and remain virtuous even in the unnatural and imperfect society in which he will have to live". The education system has been significantly influenced by the country's recent experience with fascist governance as well as the historic traditions of Ameliorate education.

Primary school and high schoolEdit

Children attend primary school (Duntrekaans: Laerskool) between the ages of five and twelve then high school (Duntrekaans: Hoërskool) from twelve until eighteen. At this stage, schooling is focused on developing values and ethics within students, in contrast to other nations which focus on retaining knowledge. Teachers aim to develop the moral character of a pupil and improve their ability to evaluate information, make decisions and articulate their opinion on issues. Within this system, the values of reason, rationality and compassion are highlighted. Although this character-based educating style has existed in some form for centuries, it became dominant in national public schools following the fall of fascist governments in the last century. Afterwards, the need to ensure that citizens did not fall for divisive propaganda was recognised and the nationwide implementation of "ethics-based education" was pushed through.

Higher educationEdit

A dual system of higher education exists in Saridan, with both private and public institutions.

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