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Edward Daeva
Prime Minister Edward Daeva

In office
1 October 4624 – 1 January 4633
Preceded by
Pope Brandon I
Succeeded by

Fourth Secretary of the Grand Secretariat of the Imperial Citizens Party
In office
10 April 4622 – 6 March 4652

Chief of Communication of the National Democratic Alliance
In office
6 August 4622 – 28 July 4622

Member of the Imperial Diet
In office
1 September 4604 – 6 March 4652

2 March 4585
13 January 4677
Political party
NRIR 4604 - 4605,

NDA 4605 - 4621,

ICP 4621 - 4677
Saiya Daeva (mother), Lyra Daeva (sister), Franz Reichert (uncle)

Edward "Ed" Daeva (born 1 March, 4585) was a Luthorian politician and a member of the Imperial Diet. He was serving as the Prime Minister of Luthori from 4624 to 4632 and and as the Fourth Secretary of the Grand Secretariat of the Imperial Citizens Party.

Early life and career Edit

Edward Daeva

A young Edward Daeva; serving as Chief of Communication of the NDA

Ed Daeva was born to Saiya Daeva on the 1 March 4585 in Horncastle. Though Saiya is his mother, the father is to this day unknown. It has been said that Ed was a quiet child but very intelligent, he has also been described by others as very cold and low in empathy, though this has been denied by his mother who says that he is a very warm and loving child. Even though he was born a Daeva his mother is an Reichert which made him a member of the Reichert Family as well. He grew up admiring his uncle; Franz Reichert very much, and at an early age claimed that he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Franz Reichert has also said that Edward is like the son he never had.

He was able to get into a prestigious school of political science in 4601 were he studied until 1 September 4605 when he was elected in to the Imperial Diet under the National Democratic Alliance. During his school years he was very active in his uncle's party of the National Rally for Imperial Restoration.

Ed voiced concerns to his uncle when he heard about the plans to merge the NRIR and the SDP into the NDA, but was told by him that it was necessary to achieve their goals, Ed didn't doubt his uncle and understood later the benefits of the merger.

After the SDP split from the NDA, Ed said to the centre-right faction's leadership of the NDA that it is about time a party who could actually make things happen took the leadership role of the country. This was unanimously agreed upon by everyone and from there the creation of the Imperial Citizens Party took place in 4621.

Daeva Cabinets Edit

Edward was named in early 4624 by Reichert their candidate for the Head of Government which he later became that same year of the Daeva Cabinet I. He became the Prime Minister after four years without one and Reichert told him that the people now looked for hope and that he was that hope but also that he should see this as the most important role than any other Prime Ministers before him have had.

After the election 4628, the ICP had the mandate to keep their governmental position and effectively forming the Daeva Cabinet II with Edward still as the Prime Minister.

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