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Egelian people
Egelian people
King of Egelion.jpg
Carlos Domingo, King of Egelion between 3809 and 3852
Total population
102,800,000 (est.)
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Egelion.png Egelion79,200,000
Flag of Likatonia.png Likatonia7,850,000
Flag of Lourenne.png Lourenne2,960,000
Flag of Rildanor.png Rildanor987,000
Flag of New Endralon.png New Endralon540,000
Flag of Dolgava.png Dolgava28,000
United States of Baltusia flag.png10,900,000
Egelian language
Aurorian Patriarchal Church
Related ethnic groups
Caillean people, Egelian-Likatonian people, Dranianos, Egelian-Tukarese people, Egelion-Baltusians

The Egelian people or Egelians are a nation and ethnic group, associated with the modern state of Egelion and speaking the Egelian language.


Egelians are concentrated in the modern country of Egelion, primarily the provinces of Amateria, Dul Kinea, Eder Gira, and Ghadrash. Nonetheless, there is a various communities of Egelian people within New Endralon and Dolgava. Egelion peoples have also migrated to Northern Seleya and can be found in large numbers in Baltusia, Gaduridos, Kalistan and Likatonia.


The culture of the Egelian people is extremely similar to the culture of Egelion as a whole and the two have evolved together.


Nearly all Egelians speak the Egelian language.


Almost all Egelians are members of the Aurorian Patriarchal Church though there are a small minority who adhere to the Bishopal Church of Egelion.

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