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Elections for the Cortes Generales
← 5013 April 5018 5023 →

All 731 seats
366 seats needed for majority
  First party Second party
  Empty.png Empty.png
Leader Dolors de Zsombor y Torrecilla Luis Abelardo
Party Partido Monárquico Alessandrist Portalian Coalition (CAP)
Leader since 5014 5010
Last election 39.81% , 291 seats 61.48 %, 440
Seats won
448 / 731
283 / 731
Seat change Increase 157 Decrease 157
Popular vote 30,119,005 18,449,919
Percentage 61.98% 37.97%
Swing Increase 22.17 Decrease 23.51


Winner before election

Alessandrist Portalian Coalition (CAP)

Winning Party

Partido Monárquico

The Egelion general election of 5018 was held in April of 5018 to elect the 731 members of the Cortes Generales of the Kingdom.


The CAP campiagned heavily against the monarchy, introducing several bills to abolish it, but it backfired. This was likely due to the appreciation of the Egelonian people for the institution, which translated into a loss at the polls for the CAP.

The PM saw a major victory, and regained power since losing it the last election.