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Eight Economies (8E)
Eight Economies Map.png
Dorvish-Flag.png Dorvik
  • State Chancellor Jörn von Motha-Geyr

Hutori flag 4420s.png Hutori

  • Prime Minister Rosalie Woodbury

Istalian Empire Flag.png Istalia

  • Prime Minister Messalina Sollecito

Flag of Jakania.png Jakania

  • President Ayleen Basri 

Kazulia-flag.jpg Kazulia

  • Prime Minister Linda Rasmussen

Lourenne.Flag.png Lourenne

  • High Chancellor Xochitl Valferra

3elkEn.png Valruzia

  • Prime Minister Anna Vinciguerra 

Vanuku Flag.jpg Vanuku

  • Prefect Rnárd

Eight Economies (EE) or 8E, is an international transnational economic organisation comprising of terra's eight largest economies (as defined by the rankings): Dorvik, Hutori, Istalia, Jakania, Kazulia, Lourenne, Valruzia and Vanuku. Originally sprung out of an informal meeting between the Finance Ministers of Dorvik, Hutori, Lourenne and Kazulia, the meeting has become a major centrepiece of the global financial/economic system.


# Host Summit Logo Location Host Figure
1 [1] Lourenne.Flag.pngLourenne 1st 8E Summit.png Eroncourt

Member Country Data[]

Member Population Permanent Members

of the WCSC



Dorvik 37,485,020 Very Strong
Hutori 27,583,896 Very Strong
Istalia 133,077,695 Very Strong
Jakania 27,194,923 Average
Kazulia 43,101,133 Very Strong
Lourenne 94,918,625 Very Strong
Valruzia 43,480,244 Strong
Vanuku 50,288,672 Strong