The Eilomax® Company
Chairman Konstantinos Raptis
CEO Ahmed Raptis
Headquarters Helios, Mossavi
Founder Stamatios Raptis
Founded 23 October 3418
Divisions Eilomax Slave Labour
Eilomax Aphrodeia Brothels
Eilomax Aegis Contractors
Parent Raptis Group

The Eilomax® Company (Modern Kalopian: Ειλομάξ Ilomáx) is the largest slaving company in Terra. The company was founded by Stamatios Raptis, an influential Kalopian businessman, shortly before slavery became legal in 3419. The company has its own private military, the Eilomax Aegis Contractors, which engages in military raids and piracy around the Majatran Sea in order to obtain its supplies.

Ever since its founding, the Eilomax Company has been at the forefront of avid political debates on the legality and morality of slavery. Although the company claims to be apolitical, it is known to have ties to a series of political parties and organizations, to whom it is alleged to be providing funding and support in exchange for pro-slavery lobbying. The company has also been accused of involving itself in the internal affairs of nations to promote its pro-slavery agenda. Most notably, Eilomax was accused of participating in the Dolgavan War and the Deltarian Czarist War, by supporting the sides seen as more favourable to slavery. With the gradual abolition of slavery throughout Terra, the Company decided to continue its operations illegally, becoming something of a crime syndicate in most nations it operates in. However the constant Majatran conflicts and continent-wide wars have created opened new avenues for the Company. Eilomax was heavily involved in the Barmenian Refugee Crisis.

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