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Elections in Kazulia for the Stortinget and Governor-General are held every 4 years (48 months), or upon the succesful passage of a motion to call for early elections.

45th CenturyEdit


The 4400 election, the first in the 45th century, took place in May of that year. Four registered parties contested the election. In order of their showing in the Stortinget, they were:

  • Nasjonal Militær Allianse
184 / 450
  • De Liberale Konservative
105 / 450
  • Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
103 / 450
  • Folkpartiet
58 / 450

In the race for the Governor-General, the Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress' Reidar Caspersen would go on to defeat the Nasjonal Militær Allianse's Fredrik Ramberg in round two.


After the 4400 election and subsequent dissolution of the Folkpartiet, fresh elections were called by the Stortinget to help with government formation. Taking place in March, the three registered parties to contest the election were:

  • Nasjonal Militær Allianse
184 / 450
  • Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
138 / 450
  • De Liberale Konservative
128 / 450

In a rematch of the previous year's round 2 showing, the Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress' Reidar Capsersen defeated the NMA's Fredrik Ramberg.


The April 4404 elections were contested by the following three registered parties:

  • Nasjonal Militær Allianse
168 / 450
  • Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
161 / 450
  • De Liberale Konservative
121 / 450

The presidential contest was only contested by De Liberale Konservative's Sofia Pedersen and the Nasjonal Militær Allianse's Frederik Ramberg. Pedersen defeated Ramberg by a 13% margin.


The April 4408 elections were contested by the following three registered parties:

  • Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
169 / 450
  • Nasjonal Militær Allianse
165 / 450
  • De Liberale Konservative
116 / 450

In the second round of presidential elections, the Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress's Theodor Holmqvist defeated Frederik Ramberg of the Nasjonal Militær Allianse.


Called following the dissolution of the Nasjonal Militær Allianse, the May 4411 elections were contested by the following two registered political parties (the first time in a few decades that only two parties were registered to contest an election):

  • De Liberale Konservative
238 / 450
  • Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
212 / 450

In the 4411 presidential elections, which only took one round, Sofia Pedersen of De Liberale Konservative defeated incumbent Governor-General Theodor Holmqvist by an almost 5% margin.

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